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Manufacturer contact: Paul Reber GmbH + Co. KG, Ludwigstrasse 10-12, 83435 Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Paul Reber GmbH & Co. KG  is a confectionery producer in  Bad Reichenhall Reber is the German market leader for  Mozartkugeln  and claims to be the world's largest producer of Mozartkugeln with 500,000 balls a day. The company has been owned by the Botzleiner-Reber family for over 140 years.

Reber production

Confectionery craft with tradition

In 1865, pastry chef Peter Reber opened the first Reber confectionery pastry shop in Munich. With his homemade delicacies, he soon made a name for himself and his café became the popular meeting place of the people of Munich.

In 1938, the Reber family relocated their headquarters to the center of Bad Reichenhall, the site of today's company headquarters. Much has changed since its founding, but the company has been owned by the family for more than 5 generations, the traditional recipes are still carefully guarded and the cafe-house culture is still lovingly celebrated here. Every year around 200,000 guests visit Café Reber in Bad Reichenhall and the two shops in Salzburg to enjoy the high-quality confectionery in a unique atmosphere.

Here in Bad Reichenhall also began the success story of the genuine Reber Mozart-Kugel®, which quickly became famous all over the world and which are still produced in Bad Reichenhall. Today we are proud to be the German market leader for Mozart balls and, with approx. 500,000 balls produced per day, also the worldwide market leader * of this specialty in the premium segment. Our high-quality confectionery specialties are known and loved far beyond the borders of Germany. The more than 50 export markets include: USA, China, Russia, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

To this day, the preservation of the Reber family formulas is not only a matter of course for us, but an absolute obligation. The Reber Confectioners are known for their passion, their love of confectionery and the care they take to ensure the quality and composition of all ingredients - guaranteed by the Reber Quality Guarantee.

POPAI double gold award

Reber Popai AwardReber golden wing displayOn 14.06.2018, Reber was honored in Frankfurt at the POPAI DA-CH award ceremony in 2018 with a GOLDEN INDIANER in the category food, articles of daily use and confectionery for the golden wing display.

Reber is Gold Winner of the POPAI DA-CH Awards 2018

For more than five decades, companies and service providers have been awarded the "POPAI Award" for outstanding POS activities.

The global non-profit organization  POPAI "Point of Purchase Advertising International"  campaigns for the POS interests of industry, commerce, POS producers and service providers.On 
national and international level, POPAI enables the interdisciplinary exchange of information and experience for its worldwide more as 2000 members, of which 1000 in Europe. 

In 2018, the POPAI DA-CH Awards will be presented for the eighth time. Nearly 60 submissions this year in 15 categories. A 25-member expert jury of marketing, brand, trade, design and teaching determined the winners during the exhibition on 27.02.2018 at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf.

On 14.06.2018, Reber was honored in Frankfurt at the  POPAI  DA-CH  award ceremony in 2018  with a  GOLDEN INDIANER  in the category food, articles of daily use and confectionery for the golden wing display.

As a great surprise, Reber also   won the Audience Award in the new category , where visitors to EuroCIS Messe Düsseldorf were able to select their favorite display in February 2018. Reber's golden wing received by far the most votes.

German Brand Award 2017 Award

Reber German Brand AwardThe Reber Confiserie wins the German Brand Award 2017 of the competition class "Industry Excellence in Branding" in the category: Fast Moving Consumer Goods. For more than 150 years, Paul Reber GmbH & Co. KG has been standing for tradition, top quality, high-quality confectionery and genuine enjoyment in the premium segment of the chocolate market. Since time immemorial, Reber specialties have been produced exclusively with high-quality raw materials and old, well-kept family recipes. All products are guaranteed to be free from palm fat, flavor enhancers, colors and preservatives.

Honored was the Reber Mozart Baroque package, filled with 15 real Reber Mozart balls. This product has always been a symbol of the Reber brand and at the same time it is the product with the highest sales. The portrayed portrait of the great virtuoso is a unique specimen made especially for Reber by a Bad Reichenhall artist. The hand-made lettering "Mozart balls" created a calligrapher. The ensemble of portrait, logo and baroque gold frame emphasizes the opulence and exquisiteness of the product. The custom-made paintings and lettering show the high standards that Reber places on its premium products.

The Reber brand represents a unique contribution to the German brand and company landscape, has a distinctive brand identity and thus differentiates itself successfully from competitors. As a supplier of premium chocolate goods, Reber clearly positions itself as a premium brand in the gourmet segment and appeals to chocolate lovers. Reber distinguishes himself through his brand core values ​​"masterful, lush, preserving, dedicated and natural".

Bernhard Pfaff, Managing Director of Reber, personally accepted the award in Berlin. "It is an honor for us to receive such an award for our brand continuity. This award confirms that consistent brand leadership, sustainable brand communication, high quality work and passion for the brand and our products will lead to success ".

Also in terms of product quality, Reber Specialties was honored by DLG for the first time this year with the "Prize for Long-Term Product Quality".

DLG award for long-term product quality

Reber DLG


The Paul Reber Specialty GmbH & Co. KG from Bad Reichenhall has now been honored by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) for the first time with the "Award for long-standing product quality". Many companies in the food industry have voluntarily tested their products for many years by the experts of the DLG. In order to sustainably promote this quality aspiration, the DLG awards the "Prize for Long-Term Product Quality". The award has been awarded annually to food manufacturers for 30 years.

Companies have to take part in the quality training courses of the DLG Food Test Center for five consecutive years and receive at least three awards per award year. From the 5th successful year of participation, the company is awarded the "Prize for Long-Term Product Quality". If a manufacturer does not participate in a year or if he does not achieve the required number of awards, he loses his claim to the award.

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