About us

From the needs of parents -
for the children

We are a young company in Bavaria, Germany, which has made it our task to accompany mothers and fathers with a comprehensive range of baby food a bit on their way of life.

Schafi Shop, founded 2013 by Martin Holzmüller and Martin Seiler, was established with the idea of ​​building a shop which, in terms of content and user experience, is oriented towards the needs of parents and children. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often makes it impossible to cover all the necessary baby items with a purchase if there is already a long queue at the checkout and the children would rather go back to the playground or home.

It is precisely from this feeling that we have taken the step to set up a company that brings the goods directly to your home, thus giving customers more time for the essentials in life.

We would like to always offer you a pleasant shopping experience, which is composed by an optimized product offer, friendly service and fast delivery. Our customer service department is always available to answer any questions you might have.

One central requirement we have taken from early feedback of you, our customers: you would like to know always the best before date before you actually make the purchase. You always have the ability to check the BBD when you check the items putting in your basket at the shop around the corner. Close to no shops provide you this essental piece of information - but after you purchased a close-to-bbd product, you very well know that it is extremely important to know, it the product is still fine for the next 2 years or only the next 2 weeks. What is the use of 4 boxes expiring in 2 weeks when one box lasts for 2 months? We invested in our logistic system and IT to allow in realtime for all relevant products having the BBD displayed clearly for you. So you are always sure to get the freshest products. This is a service, you can hardly find elsewhere. Neither with Amazon now with most of the online shops today.

We see Schafi Shop as a platform that gives young parents a reliable partner for their babies' age-appropriate diet. This also means that we continually improve our service, regularly expand the range and adapt it to the demands of the customer.

We look forward to your orders and direct contact with you! You might want to try the online chat function at the right bottom - we are here for you!

With best regards
Your schafi-shop team