About us

From the needs of parents -
for the children

We are a young company in Bavaria, Germany, which has made it our task to accompany mothers and fathers with a comprehensive range of baby food a bit on their way of life.

Schafi Shop, founded 2013 by Martin Holzmüller and Martin Seiler, was established with the idea of ​​building a shop which, in terms of content and user experience, is oriented towards the needs of parents and children. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often makes it impossible to cover all the necessary baby items with a purchase if there is already a long queue at the checkout and the children would rather go back to the playground or home.

It is precisely from this feeling that we have taken the step to set up a company that brings the goods directly to your home, thus giving customers more time for the essentials in life.

We would like to always offer you a pleasant shopping experience, which is composed by an optimized product offer, friendly service and fast delivery. Our customer service department is always available to answer any questions you might have.

One central requirement we have taken from early feedback of you, our customers: you would like to know always the best before date before you actually make the purchase. You always have the ability to check the BBD when you check the items putting in your basket at the shop around the corner. Close to no shops provide you this essental piece of information - but after you purchased a close-to-bbd product, you very well know that it is extremely important to know, it the product is still fine for the next 2 years or only the next 2 weeks. What is the use of 4 boxes expiring in 2 weeks when one box lasts for 2 months? We invested in our logistic system and IT to allow in realtime for all relevant products having the BBD displayed clearly for you. So you are always sure to get the freshest products. This is a service, you can hardly find elsewhere. Neither with Amazon now with most of the online shops today.

We see Schafi Shop as a platform that gives young parents a reliable partner for their babies' age-appropriate diet. This also means that we continually improve our service, regularly expand the range and adapt it to the demands of the customer.

We look forward to your orders and direct contact with you! You might want to try the online chat function at the right bottom - we are here for you!

With best regards

Your schafi-shop team



The Sheep-Shop-Timeline

Schafis in München


Schafis found in Munich

This is us: the two founders of Schafi-Shop. We don't just want to make a cuddly-sweet impression on young families and put a smile on your face when you shop with us. We also have really forward-looking features that we want to implement.

We started here in Munich. We started with a shelf from the Metro - in the basement with about 6 square metres.

As you can see: we are always cool and can't hide our grin. And we want to infect you with this: smiling is so good, especially in special times. But also: smiling is the friendliest way to show other people your teeth. Take your pick ;-)

Hipp PaletteSchafis im Zeitlager


Sheep grow

We had to move several times, because we had too little space in every sheepfold a little later - as you can see on the picture. After all, we only managed with our own money, without any investors - so we were completely independent. Schafis don't like to be told what to do, but prefer to make all decisions themselves.

This year also saw the start of direct deliveries from the first sheep producer in cooperation: the company Hipp. A supplier that we Schafis still love today: a family business from Germany with many important values. Organic. Trust. Quality. That is why we love Hipp :-)

Schafi im Münchner GewerbehofSchafi im Münchner Gewerbehof innen


Schafis in the Gewerbehof Munich

Modern and really nice, much more space than before, that was great. But impractical, as only rooms on the upper floor were available. The pallets always had to go up via a freight lift - that takes time. A little later, we sheep took the rooms next door, but even that became too small.

And there we made a sheepish decision: we're leaving Munich. At the end of 2015 we moved to our banana wine production plant

Schafis LogoSchafis in Althegnenberg


Schafis in Althegnenberg

We also had to look at the map first: it is located between Munich and Augsburg, 25 minutes by train. At the end of a small street it appears: the new Schafi headquarters. On the left you see the rolling gate where the trucks can dock. In front are the offices with the windows. Behind it the warehouse begins. The hall is two storeys high - and so far we still have enough space. Finally :-)

What you don't see: to the right of the house a huge green meadow begins. You can also smell the piles of all the cows and hear them mooing, the stables are only a few meters away. When the farmer is not looking, we chill in the green grass during our break. We sheepis love that.

And: we got our logo. From our graphic designer from Munich. Cute and cuddly, right?

Schafis Büro Nr. 3


Schafis bureau

Here one of our sheep rooms has been converted and now looks like this. We find it really nice :-) By the way, the other sheep are already at home, I made them in the evening. Therefore it is already dark.

We like a bit of green and always tidy up well-behaved. Otherwise you won't find anything else the next day. If you chat with one of us, you can write from here or the office next door. At the bottom right you can see if we are online right now.

Schafis Packraum 1


Sheep packing room

Today our packing room no. 1 was rebuilt. It got a touch screen, so we don't have to look for mouse and keyboard all the time ;) The first boxes were already prepared for the next day by one of the packing sheep.

In the back corner on a small trolley there are some boxes from the pallet. It is regularly refilled by one of the other sheeps. On the shelf is a label printer, which spits out the labels. And underneath it is a small printer that directly prints customs documents for the shipment if you have ordered from Switzerland or another non-EU country.

Schafirampe mit HariboSchafis Weihnachtsfeier


Sheep before Christmas

Yes, that's when I gave you a picture of the unloading of a small Haribo delivery. A whole truck full of Haribo. That was just at the end of November, because you can see a small rest of Haribo Advent calendars in the front. Who doesn't dream of that? Well, we really like Haribo, except for one sheep colleague (of course, the black sheep!).

The big sheeps are totally shy. They prefer to work in the background every day and want to send you your order quickly. Therefore without a face after our little Christmas party.

Schafi stapelt hoch im LagerSchafi wird von Kosmos beliefert mit 40t-LKWs im Hof


Sheep in a game of exchange

Yes, what was going on in our car park this morning? We couldn't even get through with our cars! Two big 40-ton trucks had been sent directly from Kosmos to us. Because you said you love the Kosmos games (but also the Schmidt games, only they didn't come today...) So they were completely full and only for us!

That looked like later in the camp. So many pallets we had to put away well. In the loading ramp it went up to the small ceiling. But in the hall we had more space upwards.

Will gladly continue to accompany us in the timeline. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via chat (bottom right), contact form or email. In contrast to our big sheeps we dare to take a picture. Even very gladly.

Please remain loyal to us, we are always there for you: Your sheep

Schafi Gruppenbild