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Manufacturer contact: Haribo GmbH & Co. KG, Dr.-Hans-und-Paul-Riegel-Straße 1, 53501 Grafschaft, Germany.

2018: the 125th birthday of the company founder Hans Riegel
Hans RiegelOn 3 April 1893, the founder of Haribo was born in Bonn.

A bag of sugar, a marble slab, a stool, a brick hearth, a copper kettle and a roller: Hans Riegel could hardly have dreamed that this start-up capital would become a world-famous company. 125 years ago, the founder of Haribo, the company known worldwide for fruit gums, was born. 29 years later, the visionary and trained candy maker invented the Goldbären - and with this golden invention paved the way for a distinctive company that is still family-owned.

After Hans Riegel had completed his apprenticeship as a candy maker and gained some professional experience, the 27-year-old took a big step and had the company Haribo entered in the commercial register as an acronym for HAns RIegel BOnn on 13 December 1920. Hans Riegel began producing his sweets in a house in the Kessenich district of Bonn - first alone, then together with his first employee, his wife Gertrud. Only two years later, he invented the ancestor of the Gold Bear, the Dancing Bear, which was initially distributed to customers by bicycle.

Hans Riegel's sweetest invention: The Haribo Gold Bears
Almost 100 years later, Haribo produces around 100 million Gold Bears per day worldwide. The Gold Bear product quality in terms of the unmistakable shape, consistency and taste characteristics has impressively established itself on the markets across national borders. The popular Gold Bears have become an international top seller and are coveted all over the world. They have been delighting consumers big and small since 1922 and bring joy to every day. The classics are available in orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and apple flavours.

From backyard kitchen to world market leader
What began as a bold venture by Hans Riegel has now become an indispensable part of the world of sweets. As a traditional family business and world-renowned confectionery manufacturer, Haribo provides jobs for a total of around 7,000 employees. Among other things, the new location in Grafschaft, which offers the world's most technologically advanced production lines in the confectionery sector, ensures state-of-the-art working conditions. Nevertheless, the home production site in Bonn, which remains as a self-sufficient unit, still plays an important role for the confectionery manufacturer.

Quality - the top priority
Haribo sets very high standards for the quality of the raw materials used in its products. For this reason, all Haribo production plants worldwide were also certified at the end of 2017 in accordance with FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000), which enjoys a high level of acceptance in international trade and stands for the highest level of quality and safety standards along the entire production and supply chain.

"Quality" is made up of a number of individual components. On the one hand, first-class raw materials are indispensable to consistently deliver convincing quality. Secondly, it is essential to meticulously control the entire production process - and to do so at the highest technological level. Furthermore, it is particularly important to us that every single employee promotes the quality level of our products through his or her personal commitment. We always advise our trade partners on the correct storage conditions for our articles so that our goods do not suffer any loss of quality on the shelves.

In summary, we do everything we can to maintain our philosophy of "Quality Above All".

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Mini-Fruchtgummi-Tüten mit tollen Weihnachtsmotiven
Haribo Christmas Minis 1kg
Merry sweet celebration! Merry Christmas with Haribo: In this great value pack you get 100 colorful mini Christmas bags with great motifs. The mini bags are filled with delicious jellies and gummy bears. They are ideal for example for...
Content as of each 1 kg
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Haribo Color-Rado, 1kg round tin
Haribo Color-Rado, 1kg round tin
Haribo Color-Rado now even more colorful! Color-Rado is a mixture of the most popular Haribo fruit gum and licorice products and the classic among the already existing mixtures. Since 2010, this delicious variety has been complemented by...
Content as of each 1 kg
From €6.55 * more options available
Haribo gold bear tin, 100 mini bags, 980g
Our number 1 on the candy shelf! Generations love them and have grown up with them. In 2007 the Haribo Golden Bears got a fruity and tasty growth. In addition to strawberry, lemon, raspberry, orange and pineapple, the apple flavour was...
Content as of each 0.98 kg (€10.97 * / 1 kg)
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Goldbären Tüte
Haribo Gold Bears bag, 1kg
Our number 1 on the candy shelf! Generations have loved them and grown up with them. Haribo Gold Bears have been our successful product for 100 years in delicious fruity flavors of pineapple, apple, strawberry, raspberry, juice orange...
Content as of each 1 kg
From €7.25 * more options available
Bloxx von Maoam
Maoam cube Bloxx 50 pieces, 1,1kg
The best-selling chewy candy in Germany The classic Maoam cubes offer the right amount of chewing pleasure for every jaw. With the flavours strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry or cola the delicious chewy sweets convince with a...
Content as of each 1.1 kg (€7.05 * / 1 kg)
From €7.75 * more options available
2 Stück von den vielfältigen Lakritz-Kreationen
Haribo confectionery bag, 2 x 500g
HARIBO confectionery? That tastes good! Spicy licorice combined with soft confection variations - a real classic. Coated with the taste of coconut, cocoa, caramel, cherry, juice orange or lemon, licorice becomes a new experience. But...
Content 1 kg
€5.95 *
Gute Nacht Goldbären-Dose
Haribo Good Night Gold Bear Box, 100 Mini Bag, 980g
Little bedtime sweets bring great dreams 100 mini bags in good-night design, filled with original Haribo fruit gum gold bears. The classic Haribo gold bear is also available in the dreamy version as a small gift for your guests....
Content as of each 0.98 kg (€10.97 * / 1 kg)
From €10.75 * more options available
Haribo nimm dir saures Fruchtgummi Geburtstag Feier bunt sauer Party Box
Haribo Anaconda Giant Snakes Can 1,2kg
HARIBO Anaconda Giant Snake - not only in poison green and not poisonous for a long time With 35cm length and 40g weight the Anaconda Giant Snakes are really XXL. This piece article is a combination of fruit gum and foam sugar and is...
Content as of each 1 kg
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Haribo Pasta Basta Apfel sauer
Haribo Pasta Basta apple sour 150 pieces, 1125g box
Pasta Basta Apfel Pasta mögen wir am liebsten abwechslungsreich und vor allem: sauer. Wie gut, dass Pasta Basta in drei Geschmacksrichtungen auf den Tisch kommt. Auch die sauren Apfel-Streifen sind fruchtig, spritzig und vegetarisch...
Content as of each 1.13 kg (€7.30 * / 1 kg)
From €8.25 * more options available
Haribo Tropifrutti, 1kg bag
Haribo Tropifrutti, 1kg bag
The tropical time-out from everyday life! Firm shell, soft core - the unmistakable consistency makes HARIBO Tropifrutti unique and has won many fans over the years. The taste of exotic tropical fruits lets the sun in for a moment -...
Content as of each 1 kg
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 In den Geschmacksrichtungen Erdbeere-Ananas, Orange-Aprikose und Himbeer-Zitrone ist jede Menge Naschspaß für die ganze Familie garantiert.
Haribo Wummis Rainbow 150 pieces in round tin 1200g
Triple fun with the colorful little worms Legend has it that at the foot of the rainbow you'll find Rainbow tri-color Wummis. When they are let out of the can, their colorful flavor mix of lemon, black currant and strawberry makes the...
Content as of each 1.2 kg (€5.21 * / 1 kg)
From €6.25 * more options available
Kinderschnuller in Minibeutel
Haribo child pacifier tin 1,2kg
The HARIBO child pacifiers - not only for the little ones among us Children's soother in the flavours pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, juice orange and lemon. In practical, resealable plastic box. This round tin contains 150 delicious...
Content as of each 1 kg
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