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CFP Brands Süßwarenhandels GmbH & Co KG is a merger of three multinational confectionery companies. Consisting of Perfetti Van Melle, UK distributors Impex Management Ltd (including Fisherman's Friend) and Ricola. CFP Brands is a marketing and distribution company specialising in the German market. When it was founded in 2005, it represented the new logo. The "C" stands for the Spanish lollipop brand Chupa Chups, the "F" stands for Fisherman's Friend and the third letter "P" stands for the Italian-Dutch company Perfetti van Melle. The brand also includes Fisherman's Friend, Mentos, Mentos Chewing Gum, Ricola, Center Shock, Smint, Licorice Toffee and Wyvert.

From 1950 to 1954, Enric Bernat owned his confectionery company, Products Bernat. In 1954, the company merged with the larger but financially troubled Granja Asturias, which processed a variety of apple-based products. Bernat took over 50% of the company and offered to specialise in one product. A study he commissioned found that children were the main consumers of sweets, but the study also found that children smeared their fingers on the sticky sweets, so it was developed with children in mind. So he developed a stick-shaped candy (lollipop) and patented the idea. Since then, the company has focused on this new type of candy and was renamed Chupa Chups in 1964.

Chupa Chups was an instant success. The 1960s and especially the 1970s were marked by innovation. As early as 1960, Bernat acquired the machine manufacturer Confipack S.A. Then he converted the manual production of his confectionery to mass production. This gave the long-lasting lollipop a uniformly round shape. Further innovations concerned the recipe of the sweets, so that they were less sticky, could be preserved longer and were produced in different flavours. He also invested in marketing and distribution, which made Chupa Chups the market leader in Spain.

After a strategic merger with the Italian-Dutch Perfetti Van Melle Group, one of the world's largest confectionery manufacturers, had been in place since 1996, the Catalan entrepreneurial Bernat family decided in July 2006 to sell its majority share in Chupa Chups to Perfetti Van Melle for around 400 million euros.

The logo was designed in the late 1960s by surrealist Salvador Dalí The first marketing was a logo with the slogan "És rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups", which translates from Catalan as "It's round and long-lasting".

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