Lego Technics Liebherr Excavator 42100

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Bagger-Modell der Extraklasse Nachbildung eines Liebherr Baggers mit viel Liebe zum... more


Bagger-Modell der Extraklasse

Nachbildung eines Liebherr Baggers mit viel Liebe zum Detail, der über die LEGO® TECHNIC CONTROL+ App gesteuert und über 2 fortschrittliche Smarthubs mit 7 Motoren angetrieben wird.


  • Erlebe innovative Technik: In Zusammenarbeit mit Liebherr entwickelt mit über 4.000 Teilen

  • Hohe Detailtreue: Umfasst Zugänge, ein Cockpit, eine ausfahrbare Leiter und vieles mehr

  • Unterstützt durch fortschrittliche Technologien: 3 XL Motoren und 4 L Motoren für eine realitätsnahe Funktionsweise

  • Fortschrittliche Smarthubs: Enthält 2 Bluetooth-gesteuerte Smarthubs

  • Ultrapräzise Steuerung: Steuerung über die kostenlose LEGO® TECHNIC CONTROL+ App

  • Multifunktionale Steuerung: Führe problemlos komplexe Manöver durch

Gifts: Yes
Manufacturer: Lego
Made in: EU (Dänemark),EU (Ungarn),Mexico,China,Indonesien,EU (Tschechische Republik)
product group: Toy
brand: LEGO®
Target group: Adults, child

Manufacturer contact: LEGO System A / S, Aastvej 1, 7190 Billund, Denmark

The LEGO brand is much more than just our logo. The brand is associated with expectations of the company, the products and services and the corporate responsibility that the LEGO Group has towards its environment and environment. The brand is the sign of the original, which guarantees quality. 

The LEGO® brand values

LEGO maleImagination / Imagination
The imagination is inspired by curiosity and play instinct. The search for explanations, possibilities and how something ordinary becomes the unusual - fantasy and fiction. At the beginning there is usually the dream of something. 
Casual play helps children develop their imagination and create the basis for creativity.

Creativity is the gift of inventing ideas and objects that are new, surprising and special. Systematic creativity combines logic and judgment with play and imagination.

Joy is the happiness we experience when we can completely surrender to a challenge, while our abilities are in balance with the demands and we achieve measurable progress. Both the path itself and the destination provide for joy. 

Shared activities, exciting adventures, the enthusiasm of children playing, even the realization that we can surprise others with what we do or create, makes us feel joy. 

We learn as soon as we have the opportunity to experiment, improvise and discover. New ways of thinking and acting help us to recognize and weigh up different perspectives. 


Caring is the desire to positively influence the lives of our children, our partners and colleagues, and our entire environment while at the same time being aware of their needs. Do not bother with other people - not out of coercion, but because it is right and we take care. Caring means modesty. So it's not about being less about yourself, but sometimes just thinking less about yourself than about others. 

Not only our reputation as a first-class manufacturer, but also the complete trust placed in us from all sides leads us to the conviction that quality must speak for itself and thereby make recognition. Quality brings with it the challenge of making the best possible toys through constant improvement, in order to make the best of ourselves, both for children and their development, and for our society and our partners.

The development of LEGO


The name 'LEGO' is composed of the two words "leg godt" in Danish meaning "play well". This is not just our name, we understand that as our ideal. 

The LEGO group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Since then, the company has always remained family-owned. Today, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, grandson of the founder, owner of the LEGO Group. 

The company has changed a little over the last nearly 80 years, evolving from a small carpentry shop to a modern, global company, which today is one of the largest toy manufacturers.

The LEGO stone is our most important product. That's why we are proud to have been voted "Toy of the Century" twice. Our products have developed very much over the years, but the foundation is still the traditional LEGO stone. 

The stone, as we know it today, was launched in 1958. The unique thing about the stone is the plug-in principle with the tubes in the stone, which opens up endless possibilities for assembling. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild and countless ideas will be realized while playing.

Der Liebherr Bagger R 9800 ist 39 cm hoch, 65 cm lang und 27 cm breit. mehr

Der Liebherr Bagger R 9800 ist 39 cm hoch, 65 cm lang und 27 cm breit.

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