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Manufacturer contact: Töpfer GmbH, Heisinger Straße 6, D-87463 Dietmannsried, Germany.

Töpfer GmbH is a successful medium-sized family business in Dietmannsried in the Allgäu. For decades, Töpfer GmbH has been manufacturing organic baby food, natural cosmetics and dietary supplements to the highest quality standards.

Töpfer Mitarbeiter

Baby food and baby care from nature

From the first day of pregnancy to toddlerhood, Töpfer wants to support young parents with its knowledge and products. Whether it's care during pregnancy, baby food, baby care or complementary food, we at Töpfer have kept a close eye on nature and produce exclusively in the best organic quality. Numerous tests and seals guarantee that all products are always produced in consistently high quality.

And this has been the case for over 100 years.

Baby food in the best organic quality

From day one, a balanced diet is important for the physical and mental development of the baby. That is why Töpfer has been using only selected and strictly controlled raw materials to produce high-quality baby food for over 100 years. Whether with cow's or goat's milk, cow's milk-free, lactose-free or hypoallergenic - we give all our knowledge for your baby.

Modern technology, highly sensitive measuring and control systems, the strictest hygienic requirements - to ensure that we meet the high quality demands of our customers at all times, we use all technical possibilities. And can even meet the strict safety guidelines of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which serve to prevent food-related hazards. Likewise, we can rely on highly qualified and motivated employees as well as the best raw materials from organic farming.

And because this is far from enough for us, we have developed numerous manufacturing processes ourselves on the basis of our experience and have them constantly tested: Our testing and control methods form a quality assurance system according to the latest findings - of course certified according to IFS. But that's not all: in addition, we continuously commission external and independent inspection bodies such as the MUVA in Kempten.

Naturally, the highest quality standards also apply to the packaging of our products. After all, the filling method and material quality determine the protection of quality and the shelf life of the ingredients. Out of responsibility towards our customers, we guarantee the highest level of safety and consistent premium quality of our products through our many years of know-how and our strict production standards. So that parents can rely on us with a clear conscience.

Die Produktwelt von Töpfer in Bio - Qualität

Natural baby care for skin and hair

A baby's skin is five times thinner than that of an adult and reacts correspondingly sensitively. It is therefore obvious that baby care products must provide a lot of protection against environmental influences such as heat, cold, sun and dehydration. That is why Töpfer uses carefully selected raw materials such as calendula and wheat bran, which can help the skin to develop its own healthy protection. Of course, all care products for the baby have been tested for compatibility by Dermatest and are certified natural cosmetics.

Care for pregnant women in organic quality

At no other time does a woman's body change more profoundly than during pregnancy and after birth. As is so often the case, hormones are responsible for this: they ensure that the child can grow in the mother's womb without worry. But they are also responsible for the fact that hair often changes, connective tissue becomes looser and some pregnant women do not recognise their skin.

This is exactly why Töpfer developed Mamacare: With the power of nature, each product addresses the specific needs of expectant and new mothers so they can focus on the most beautiful thing in their lives - their baby.

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Mit der Wind & Wetter Salbe bleibt die zarte Babyhaut geschmeidig und ist optimal geschützt.
Töpfer babycare wind&weather calendula ointment 75ml
Töpfer Wind & Weather Calendula Ointment Wind & Weather Ointment keeps baby's delicate skin supple and optimally protected. Our natural cosmetics are the perfect companion through a rough November morning or a moody April weekend. The...
Content as of each 0.075 l (€63.33 * / 1 l)
From €4.75 * more options available
Produktbild von Töpfer kinder Kleiebad "mit olivenöl"
Pottery children bran bath with oil, 250g
The mild bath additive with harmoniously balanced natural ingredients such as organic wheat bran, whey and selected herbal oils gently cleanses and cares for baby skin with an extra dash of organic olive oil especially mild. The...
Content as of each 0.25 kg (€23.80 * / 1 kg)
From €5.95 * more options available
Potter babycare powder without talcum, 75g
Potter babycare powder without talcum, 75g
Powder is still a popular means of care and protection against soreness, as it absorbs moisture from particularly sensitive areas of the skin, e.g. the nappy area, reduces redness and prevents inflammation. The pottery powder is...
Content as of each 0.075 kg (€52.67 * / 1 kg)
From €3.95 * more options available
Kindermilch aus Bio Milch ab den 12 Monat mit wichtigen Mineralstoffen für Ihr Baby
Töpfer Lactana children organic from the 12th month, 500g
Beste Allgäuer Bio-Milch Gerade in der Wachstumsphase ab dem 12. Monat haben Kinder einen erhöhten Bedarf an Nährstoffen. Deshalb liefert Lactana Bio Kinder-Folgemilch wertvolle Mineralstoffe wie Eisen und Jod für die geistige...
Content as of each 0.5 kg (€18.90 * / 1 kg)
From €9.45 * more options available
Produktbild von Töpfer Pflege öl
Potter babycare care oil 100ml
With more than 98 % organic content, the care oil makes the skin smooth and supple and gently supports the natural skin functions. The oil is particularly suitable for massage of babies, but also of adults. After washing, simply apply...
Content as of each 0.1 l (€57.50 * / 1 l)
From €5.75 * more options available
Produktbild von Töpfer Ölbad
Potter babycare my first oil bath 100ml
The mild bath additive with harmoniously balanced natural ingredients such as organic wheat bran, whey and selected herbal oils gently cleanses and cares for baby skin with an extra dash of organic olive oil especially mild. Natural baby...
Content as of each 0.1 l (€54.50 * / 1 l)
From €5.45 * more options available
Das besonders milde Shampoo reinigt schonend und pflegt sanft die empfindliche Kopfhau
Potter babycare shampoo 150ml
Töpfer Babycare Shampoo with organic wheat clover and organic calendula This particularly mild shampoo gently cleanses and cares for the sensitive scalp. Wheat bran is a valuable product of the wheat grain, in which the germ, the...
Content as of each 0.15 l (€39.67 * / 1 l)
From €5.95 * more options available
mit wertvollen Rohstoffen aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
Potter babycare care cream, 75ml
Töpfer babycare skin care cream Töpfer Care Cream, which has been tried and tested for decades, protects the sensitive facial skin of babies and children from drying out and provides moisture. The valuable ingredients of wheat bran...
Content as of each 0.075 l (€63.33 * / 1 l)
From €4.75 * more options available
Mit dem hohen Anteil Zinkoxid schützt und beruhigt die Paste die zarte Babyhaut besonders gut.
Potter babycare wound protection paste 75ml
The protection for delicate baby skin The Töpfer Desire Protection Paste is ideal for the protection of highly stressed body regions, such as the diaper area of your baby. With the high proportion of zinc oxide, the paste protects and...
Content as of each 0.075 l (€66.00 * / 1 l)
From €4.95 * more options available
Produktbild von Töpfer massage & pflegeöl
Potter Mamacare Massage Oil, 100ml
The massage and care oil supports the skin function in a natural way, improves the elasticity of the skin, stimulates its elasticity and can prevent stretch marks with regular application. An important component in the Mamacare massage...
Content as of each 0.1 l (€87.50 * / 1 l)
From €8.75 * more options available
Töpfer Anfangsmilch "von Geburt an" mit Bio-Milch aus dem Allgäu
Töpfer Lactana Pre organic formula milk from birth, 600g
Highest quality from Germany: Töpfer baby food from the Allgäu region If breastfeeding is not possible, Lactana Bio Pre is suitable for baby feeding from birth until the end of bottle age. Or for supplementary feeding if breast milk is...
Content 0.6 kg (€20.75 * / 1 kg)
€12.45 *
Produktbild von Töpfer Zahngel
Potter babycare tooth gel 50ml
Regular dental care should already be started with the first tooth, as the milk teeth are the placeholders for the permanent teeth. As the enamel of milk teeth is thinner and therefore more susceptible to caries, silica for gentle...
Content as of each 0.05 l (€125.00 * / 1 l)
From €6.25 * more options available
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