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Manufacturer contact : CP GABA GmbH, Beim Strohhause 17, 20097 Hamburg, Germany

The Gaba Group is a Swiss company that produces dental and oral hygiene products. The name is an acronym of "Golden Pharmacy Basel". The most famous umbrella brands are elmex, aronal and meridol. The Gaba Group has been part of the Colgate-Palmolive Group since 2004.

elmex® research develops aronal® and elmex® products in collaboration with dental scientists. This not only clinically tests the effectiveness of the individual ingredients, but also confirms their product benefit.

Caries prevention by fluorides

The use of fluoridated children's toothpastes protects against tooth decay. elmex® Pediatric Toothpaste contains effective amine fluoride at the recommended pediatric fluoride concentration of 500 ppm.

Elmex is a top brand from a major manufacturer: The World of Care by Colgate-Palmolive

Our 38,000 employees share a common concern: providing you with safe and effective products and enriching communities around the world.

The following values ​​Colgate-Palmolive has defined for central action and lives these values ​​daily:

  • sustainability
  • Responsibility for the world in which we live
  • innovatively improving the products through science

In 2018, the company received the following awards:

  • Working Mother 
    best employer for multicultural mothers
  • DiversityInc is 
    listed among the Top 50 Diversity Companies
  • Forbes is 
    listed as one of the best rated companies in the US
  • JUST Capital (Business Insider) 
    One of the 6 largest US companies recommended for women
  • Energy Star / US EPA 
    Energy Star Partner of the Year. Sustained Excellence Award
  • Forbes & Reputation Institute 
    listed among the world's leading reputable companies
  • Omnically 
    listed among the top 50 US companies for multicultural business
  • Ethisphere awarded 
    for the 8th time as one of the world's leading ethical conduct companies
  • Fotune Magazine 
    listed as one of the world's most respected companies
  • CDP 
    top-listed as CDP suppliers (A-Listing)
  • Barron's 
    listed as one of the 100 most sustainable companies

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Elmex Baby-Zahnpasta
Elmex baby toothpaste 1st tooth - 2 years, 50ml
elmex ® Baby-Zahnpasta Vom 1. Zahn bis zum 2. Geburtstag Enthält das einzigartige Aminfluorid für einen Dreifach-Schutzmechanismus. Speziell entwickelt für den besonderen Kariesschutz der Milchzähne. Die Fluoridkonzentration von 500ppm...
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