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Manufacturer contact: Bebivita GmbH, Zeughausstr. 3, 85276 Reisgang.

The Bebivita brand20 years of Bebivita
For every Bebivita product, whether it is a milk formula or a jar, only raw materials from strictly controlled contract farming and contract deliveries are selected. Extensive quality controls offer you and your child the highest level of safety.

With Bebivita, you introduce your child to a balanced diet. Each product contains valuable nutritional building blocks (vitamins and minerals) that your baby needs day after day for healthy development.

Production and safety
Our products are manufactured according to strict German quality standards.

Because the safety of your baby is a top priority, Germany has one of the strictest food regulations in the world - the German Dietary Regulation. In its quality requirements for the composition of baby food, this practically stipulates that it must be free of harmful substances. All baby food manufacturers in Germany are strictly monitored to ensure that they adhere to these regulations.

We at Bebivita always strive to be even better than the strictest guidelines prescribe.

Extensive raw material controls and constant checks during production provide the highest level of safety. Using the most modern methods, our laboratory is able to detect even the smallest residues in raw materials.

But not only the raw materials, but also the finished product itself goes through a multitude of tests and controls before it is delivered.

This gives your darling the security of receiving products that are free of harmful substances and contain the best ingredients.

Our philosophy: Bebivita - All good.
Bebivita Bear
Bebivita accompanies you through all stages of your child's development, starting with baby food for the bottle, through the first jar, to meals and drinks for toddlers. For each product, we have selected exactly those ingredients that are valuable for a balanced diet. At Bebivita, you'll find delicious favourites at every age, finely tuned to babies' tastes. Find more information in our nutrition guide.

Bebivita offers you a complete nutrition programme: made from carefully selected and controlled ingredients, with the most popular products for every age group, precisely tailored to your child's specific needs and with everything he or she needs for healthy growth.

The Bebivita philosophy: All is well!
Is good.
The first time with your baby is something very special: almost every day there is something new to discover together. And so all Bebivita products are precisely tailored to the nutritional needs of your child - for every age group. Bebivita does everything to support the healthy development of your child.

Tastes good.
All good.

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