Bebe Gentle Care Foam Bath & Shower 500ml

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delicate care by bebe - more than 50 years of experience bebe®  Zartpflege is... more

Bebe delicate care new at Schafi-Shop

delicate care by bebe - more than 50 years of experience

bebe®  Zartpflege is specially formulated to meet the needs of young skin, leaving it soft and supple - and has been doing so for over 50 years.

The bebe Zartpflege Foam Bath & Shower exudes a great scent in the shower or bath. Soft foam cleanses the skin gently and mildly. Thanks to the NO DRINKS MORE™ formulation, it does not sting the eyes. The bebe Zartpflege Foam Bath & Shower was specially developed for the daily care of babies and toddlers. It is tailored to the needs of young skin to keep sensitive skin soft and supple

  •     Gentle cleansing for delicate skin
  •     NO DREAMS MORE™ formula
  •     Dermatologically tested
  •     Without soap

Little darling, do you actually know.... much everyone loves you? When you have no more room in the bathtub for all the toys? When you jump into a puddle at full speed and you don't care what (or who!) gets dirty? You make everyone happy, just like that. With the bebe Zartpflege® foam bath and shower we would like to give you back a little bit of joy: It gently cleanses and makes bath time more fun without drying out sensitive children's skin. Thanks to the NO DRINKING MORE™ formulation, it doesn't sting the eyes. Dermatologically tested.

Füllmenge (Volumen): 500 ml
drug: Nein
Products with organic ingredients: No
age group: from birth
Shipping weight: 0,62 kg
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
Made in: EU
product group: body cleansing, Shower gel / Shower cream, skin care
brand: Bebe
care products: skin cleansing

Manufacturer contact: Johnson & Johnson GmbH, D-41470 Neuss

Penaten is the first baby cream and was named after the deities of Roman antiquity - that's no coincidence. The "Penaten cream" was the first cream to protect sensitive baby skin.

Over the course of its more than 110-year history, Penaten has set itself   the task of developing innovative products for babies and mums. In addition to the special skin compatibility, the focus of research today is on points such as the well-being and sleeping behavior of babies. Penaten : protection, care and security for your baby.

The highest goal of Penaten is to ensure a particularly good skin compatibility. The development of the Penaten products is always based on state-of-the-art research and science as well as the experience and requirements of specialist users (doctors, pediatric nurses and midwives). The scientific Penaten Advisory Board has an important advisory function. As the brand of the world's largest manufacturer of baby care products, Johnson & Johnson, we also carry responsibilities that we, like no other company, are underpinning with new scientific studies on baby skin and skin care.

The Penaten products are made exclusively from selected ingredients and are subject to strict purity controls. Quality controls during production are comparable to those in the pharmaceutical sector.

Product development according to guidelines

Each ingredient undergoes a toxicological evaluation and each product goes through extensive testing before it enters the marketplace. This applies to new products, but also to products that are already on the market - for example, if the composition is optimized on the basis of legal requirements, consumer wishes or new insights. 

For example, in recent decades, Penaten has removed many perfumes from its products after the potential allergy hazard of these substances has become known. Even parabens, which are considered to be extremely safe preservatives, have been replaced. The reason for this was the public concern of consumers. 

What stages a product goes through before it goes on the market :

  1. The development of a high quality product begins with the careful selection of raw materials. 
    It is checked if the product meets all requirements of the local and European authorities.
  2. Afterwards the experts in research and development will test various prototypes for their effects and stability. 
  3. Consumers are asked if the prototype meets all their requirements.
  4. Only when a product passes all tests and meets all requirements, it comes to the market.

Collaborating with physicians, midwives and caregivers
Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of Penaten, is researching the development of baby care products worldwide. In order to always incorporate current findings from science and practice, the company also maintains close contact with medical-scientific, external experts such as pediatricians, dermatologists, midwives and pediatric nurses. These four professions are represented in Germany in a scientific advisory board, which advises Penaten on the preparation of scientific material. 

Maximum Safety, Tolerability & Efficacy Studies
As the world's largest manufacturer of baby care products, we have the responsibility to put scientific research behind the development and marketing of products. No company in the world has done so many baby skin care studies as Johnson & Johnson. We have made numerous studies in this area possible.

In Germany, we conducted studies with the support of penates at publicly independent institutes. The most intensive research on these topics: differences between baby and adult skin, development of baby skin, effect of cleaning products and oils on the skin barrier. We also conduct sleep behavior studies on the use of baby products and on the influence of massage and touch. 

The study results are usually  submitted to  internationally recognized journals . 
The journals then appoint independent and external scientists to test the article for scientific standards. Only after passing the exam will the articles be published (usually in English).

In our research, it is always important to us that the conduct of the studies and the analysis of the data   takes place objectively and uninfluenced . The study results will be published independently of the result. The reputable research partners we work with value the same. This ensures objective and scientifically recognized research.

How to conduct a scientific study with babies and children
What condition must be fulfilled: Before starting, an ethics committee will examine the planned study. 

Only when it gives the green light, the study can begin. 
Who participates :  Only with the consent of parents children can participate in the study. You also need to have healthy skin. The search for the small participants is sometimes time-consuming and logistically very complex, because the age and health status of the children, the period, the duration and the complexity of the study can limit the choice of children. 

How to work :  For objective data acquisition, it is very important to work under standardized conditions. For this, as many influencing factors as possible have to be excluded or specified in all study participants so as not to disturb the actual measurements. Some possible examples are: All competitors must use the same diaper brand. In the last 12 hours, participants must not have applied lotion or cream. The measurements should take place in air-conditioned rooms where temperature and humidity can be specified. The children must first acclimatise for half an hour before measurements are taken. 

What is measured : The most common values ​​measured in skin examinations are:

    • Water loss of the skin, pH, skin moisture of the skin surface 
    • Lipid content (a type of fat content) of the skin surface 

What is measured
  With sensors that are placed on the skin and can not hurt them. Parents also need to keep a journal of extraordinary events or observations, such as when the child has a cold. These details are important to understand unusual results when evaluating the measurement data - for example, when a child's facial skin suddenly deteriorates massively due to a cold.

In which period is measured :  As a rule, the measurements are spread over a period of 4-8 weeks, with the measurements take place at least at the end and at the beginning and, depending on the question, several times in between. 

How to evaluate :  For the objective analysis of the data, a statistician is consulted. If possible, the statistician only gets the data of the various groups, but he does not know which group was treated as. For example, he only gets data labeled "Group A" and "Group B", but he does not know with which care product which group was treated. This prevents the statistician from unconsciously influencing the data analysis because he thinks, for example, that one care product is better than the other.

Where the results will be published :  At the end of each study, the results will be submitted in an international scientific journal. The publisher then appoints independent experts - the authors of the study do not know who it is. These experts review the study report and may require corrections or other data from the authors. It can also happen that a manuscript is rejected by a journal. It often takes a whole year from the first submission in the journal to final publication in print.

How long it takes to complete a study :  the entire period from conception to study, to implementation, to publication can be three years or more.

Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Glycerin, PEG-150... mehr
Ingredients Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Glycerin, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Coconut Acid, Glycol Distearate, PPG-2 Hydroxyethyl Cocamide, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Laureth-4, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Formic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum
Brand history For more than 50 years, bebe®  has been making young skin soft and... mehr

Brand history

For more than 50 years, bebe®  has been making young skin soft and supple:
The history of bebe Zartpflege®.

1961 bebe 1961 Alfred Riese, managing director of Penaten AG, invents a cream especially for older babies and toddlers that, for the first time, is completely free of preservatives. Riese wanted to name his innovation B. Bardot after the French film diva Brigitte Bardot. B. - but trademark law at the time did not permit this. Riese's creative solution was to use small letters instead of large ones. B. B. became bebe®.
1976 Brand 1976 The new design of bebe® in the look of the 1970s.
1981 The product range of bebe®  is expanded for the first time: a shampoo, among other things, is added to the gentle cream.  
1986 Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson took over Penaten GmbH and with it the Penaten and bebe® brands.
1990 Logo 19901990  bebe®  becomes bebe Zartpflege®.
1992 Bebe 1992 1Bebe 1992 2 The design of the bebe®  Zartpflege products changes.
1995 Bebe 1995Bebe teaser The first limited edition of Zartpflege appears. Since then, cute motifs such as the tiger duck, Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty have repeatedly adorned the tins.
2002 Bebe 2002 1Bebe 2002 2 The new gentle shower & shampoo expands the bebe®  tender care series.
2011 Bebe 2011 1Bebe 2011 2 bebe Zartpflege®  celebrates its 50th birthday with a limited Zartcreme edition and a major coloring contest. The winning motifs were even reproduced on the bebe®  Zartcreme tin the following year.
2014 Bebe 2014 1Bebe 2014 2

bebe Zartpflege®  gets a new addition: The new bebe Zartpflege®  Mild cleansing wipes for kids - the practical helper for at home and on the go. Maja and her friends decorate the wipes novelty and the popular tins of the bebe®  tender cream.

Based on Waldemar Bonsel's "Maya the Bee and Her Adventures" and "Sky People"
© Studio 100 Media, Buzz Studios, Screen Australia and Screen NSW. - - ™ Studio 100

2015 Bebe 2015 12015 2 As of May 2015, there is something new to discover at bebe Zartpflege®  ! A new, playful design on all products - with our friend, the little sparrow. This makes the mild care of bebe Zartpflege®  even more fun.
2019 Bebe 2019 productsBebe 2019 Welcome to the new world of bebe Zartpflege®! From March 2019 there is news again, because we have not only new products, but also new designs for you - graced by our wonderfully pretty girls. So we want to give you a little joy back.
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