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The ZWILLING brand is synonymous with quality products since 1731 and is one of the oldest brands in the world. Offering the customer the best in the kitchen and beauty sector is the passion of ZWILLING. It has always been the demand to use innovative techniques to produce high quality products in an attractive and timeless design. The forms, functions and procedures are constantly evolving. ZWILLING collaborates with renowned designers who share the values ​​and visions of ZWILLING. The wide range of products offers products for the modern kitchen: from knives and pots to frying pans, cutlery and cooks. The ZWILLING range is complemented by beauty tools for the care of hands, feet and face. High quality stainless steel products for manicures and pedicures and scissors for brand conscious consumers and professional users. This is how the kitchen becomes pleasure and the care of the body becomes beauty.


Some customers are looking for a versatile, durable and robust product that also survives without rinsing in the dishwasher. These customers certainly want 
a very sharp knife, which maintains its sharpness for a long time, but robustness and proper design are present.

Other customers are looking for a knife whose sharpness of conventional knives is very different. These customers have suffered from the lack of resistance to corrosion when using a knife whose clarity and precision are similar to those of a scalpel. A particularly attractive knife design convinces these customers.


The handles of our knives impress with their special design and maximum functionality. A good grip is not only crucial for the ease of use of the knives, but also contributes to the efficiency and safety of the cut. The balance of the blade, that is to say, the balanced distribution of the weight of the handle and the blade, plays an important role. To work long with the knife without getting tired, the handle must be well designed.

An ergonomic shape allows you to hold the knife firmly. Sliding fingers on the blade or hand is prevented with a safe and ergonomic handle. Our assortment has various shapes and materials of handles. The best solution for the best customer can be found by testing and maintaining different grip patterns.

plastic handle

The handles and handles are resistant to bumps and scratches, they remain stable even when the temperature is different, they are firmly connected to the metal and have a very long lifespan. Although the handles can go to the dishwasher, they can become gray and brittle.

wooden handle

Noble and robust woods are always used for our wooden handles. The wooden handles strike for their pleasant feel and individual design. Wood can swell in combination with water, change color often or become brittle until it breaks. Therefore, wooden handles are not dishwasher safe and should be lubricated regularly. 


The combined benefits of wood and plastic are the material of Micarta. Micarta is a layer of linen and synthetic resin, worked under pressure and heat. It is characterized by its noble appearance, in wood, but its dimensional stability such as plastic. To maintain color and feel, we recommend cleaning by hand.


ZWILLING knives are identified. This means that the handle and the blade are independent of the handle material without transition. In this way, it is easier to apply the general weighing cut and create a perfect hygiene, since it is not possible to accumulate food waste.


The collection of different fonctions differs in character: d'une part, elle stabilize the transition of lame au manche, car d'énormes forces peuvent être transférées au couteau pendant la coupe. Surtout, the zone of récolte est fortement sollicitée lors de la coupe. The record predicted by plier le couteau pendant la coupe. Tous les couteaux SIGMAFORGE ont ce goutte-à-goutte métallique renforcé. Avec les lames perforees, lame est aplatie dans la zone de préhension. There exists a major difference in quality between une lame perfore et une lame forgee. An autre avantage d'un goitre prononcé avec une barbe (extension of the coupe à la lame) is the prize in main sûre et la protection des doigts. The beard prevents fingers from sliding towards the blade. Due to the harvest, the knife can be well connected to the handle. Therefore, the blade has a transparent transition between the blade in the crop and the handle.


Without the trigger (also called cutter), the blade could not cut anything. To sharpen the blade, the material is usually removed from both sides of the wedge until a sharp corner forms. In previous chapters, you have learned a lot about the properties of our raw materials and metals. An important point was the hardness of the steel. To form such a thin and sharp corner, as in the case of our knives, you only need this resistance and hardness. Without these properties, the thin, thin edge would break or become deformed during the first cut. A high quality steel blade can be cut very easily and evenly.



We offer knives with the following deductions:


The V-Edge trigger (symmetrical tape and polishing tape trigger) is executed in three steps. The blade is drawn on each side on a thick abrasive belt. Each side receives a small print that removes the burrs and polishes the fluff at the same time. The angle here is about 15 ° C per side.

Shaving wire

RAZOR EDGE is the extra wide polish primer of the Santoku ZWILLING knife. The wide trigger creates a wider and particularly smooth surface above and around the batch, reducing friction during cutting. The knife literally slides into the cutting material, ensuring a precise and precise cut with little effort. Knives with RAZOR EDGE have a displacement angle of approximately 10 ° C per side.

Honbazuke Trigger

This trigger comes from the classic Japanese knife. In a relatively complex process, the blade is sharpened and polished in three stages. First, the blade is approximately massive in a rotating vertical dimension, and then follows the pattern in a rotating wheel that rotates horizontally, in which the blade is removed. Finally, the Wate is polished on a leather strap. The sharpening angle here is only about 10 ° C per side. This trigger is particularly clear due to the thin surface of the control room.


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Zwilling Five Star knife set, 2-piece high quality scissors and...
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