Premium Schmidt Puzzle "Seasons House", 2000 pieces

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  • Caution! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts that may be swallowed.
Premium puzzle from the house of "Schmidt 2000 pieces for an intense puzzle experience with a... more

Premium puzzle from the house of "Schmidt

2000 pieces for an intense puzzle experience with a wonderfully atmospheric motif

In our busy times, body and soul need one thing above all: regular relaxation. This provides feelings of happiness, inner peace and contentment. A puzzle from Schmidt Spiele is always an experience for young and old, whether together or alone, it is always a pleasure. Demands endurance from the players, as well as perseverance to create the excellent complete picture. In the curfew, where family members are looking for quality employment, the Premium Puzzles provide a valuable and interesting experience. The artificially valuable representation of the legendary motifs is predestined to be played by them as a high-quality processed puzzle. Whereby it is suitable after appropriate treatment also as wall picture. Just decide for yourself...

If small pieces are to provide great pleasure for a long time, their production requires the highest quality standards. We meet these and call our puzzles "premium quality". Systematic controls ensure the highest quality raw materials, innovative production processes guarantee the best manufacturing methods and exclusive motifs.

Your Schafi-Shop Team wishes you a lot of fun!

The result: SCHMIDT SPIELE® Premium Puzzles - with quality you can grip.

Premium advantage 1


Large variety of forms through individually
formed puzzle pieces

Premium advantage 2 Perfect cohesion through
specially developed cardboard
Premium advantage 3 Perfect fitting accuracy due to
particularly fine punching blades
Premium advantage 4 Special matt lacquer for mirror-free
Premium advantage 5 linen structure Premium advantage 6 Exclusive design











The advantages of the Premium Puzzles can be explained and shown to you via YouTube video. Just go to the "Video" tab here on the product page.

Filling quantity (piece): 2000
Type of game: jigsaw
toys: Puzzle
Material: Cardboard
Gifts: Yes
age group: from 12 years
Shipping weight: 1,4 kg
Manufacturer: Schmidt
Dimensions HxWxD (approx.): 968x692 mm
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: game, jigsaw
brand: Schmidt Spiele
Target group: Adults
Manufacturer address: Schmidt Spiele GmbH, Lahnstraße 21, 12055 Berlin, Deutschland

Manufacturer contact: Schmidt Spiele GmbH, Lahnstraße 21, 12055 Berlin

Schmidt Games Man does not annoy you

The success of Schmidt Spiele began with a game that knows every kid, every adult today. The game with or against the trouble:

Man does not annoy you

Well, this man, who looks so grumpy on the picture on the right side, should probably know everyone in this country. From the East to Lake Constance there will be no household in which he has not already caused a lot of trouble. And for endless fun ...

Even the fact that the good man has now become a cult in the game scene on around 90 million bright red packs and has even received a place of honor in the Bonn House of History could not cheer up the man in a black suit. What the hell?! Nevertheless, in almost 100 years Miesepeter has not been able to spoil the fun of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. On the contrary!

Man does not annoy you, at the beginning of the last century the Amberger Josef Friedrich Schmidt invented in a small garage in the Munich working class Giesing, has become the greatest. Almost the mother of all games, a true classic, who 'became the most popular game of the nation', as the mirror has formulated.

This evergreen bestseller, in which nothing is more fun than to annoy oneself and others, is still the strong engine that still gives a lot of momentum to one of the oldest and most well-known trademarks of the German gaming market. And the courage sometimes to touch things that others prefer to keep their hands off: Schmidt Spiele.

A lot of fun for young and old, for young and old!

Schmidt games productionWhat comes from Schmidt games and where Schmidt games is on it, is guaranteed one thing in: lots of fun for young and old, for young and old!

And above all, a lot of quality made in Germany. After all, more than 90 percent of the entire program is produced in Germany.

This applies to exciting family games as well as instructive-funny children's games, strategically-refined game specialties as well as cheerful card games and tricky puzzles with famous motifs. Only the cuddly plush figures come from beyond the black and red gold border posts. But even there looks Schmidt games that everything is fair and controlled. True to the motto: Trust is good - but control always better!

This attitude has made Schmidt Spiele one of the major German game publishers, which helped shape the market significantly. Since 1997, this has been done under the umbrella of the Berliner Blatz group of companies, where "children's entertainment" is very important. Germany's most famous pachyderm Benjamin Blümchen or the smart witch girl Bibi Blocksberg, for example, were invented there, and countless screenplays for audio and video cassettes were written here - and even more of them were produced.

Competence for the child - competence in the game: that fits together! Perfect.

We have nothing but games in mind!

There is hardly any other market that "lives" such novelty as games and toys. Reason why you have nothing at Schmidt games but playing in your head.

Axel Kaldenhoven

This is especially true for the approximately 15-person team of product development, who "tinker" every year with a colorful bouquet of new products. Not alone in the quiet little room, but together with renowned or less renowned free game inventors, with authors, editors and graphic artists, with educators, psychologists and - players. The good result of true team work is what is put on the table every year at the fairs.

To the 600 different articles are so in the Schmidt games program. Many of them are already classics. How about natural  people do not annoy you! Also  Yahtzee  is one of them. Or Ligretto; or ... More than 150 articles are on average every year novelties! Any questions? Schmidt Spiele therefore always has a good answer for more than 3,200 toy retailers, from the small stationery store on the corner to the well-stocked specialist shop in the city, to the large shopping center and the virtual shelves on the Internet. And just the right games.

With this position as a full-service provider, Schmidt Spiele GmbH, which is led by Axel Kaldenhoven and  Martina Priemer as quasi 'Oberspielleiter', has developed into a solid and reliable player in the German games industry. A position from which responsibility for this partnership can be derived. Schmidt Games has long adopted this.

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