Haba Kullerbü Master Play Track Mountain Adventure

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  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 24 months. Small parts. Choking hazard. Use under adult supervision.
Haba Kullerbü master play train mountain adventure Who's ready for a fast-paced ride... more

Haba and Schafi Kullerbü

Haba Kullerbü master play train mountain adventure

Ball track mountain adventure501022_Haba_Ball_logoWho's ready for a fast-paced ride up and down the mountain? The wheels of the battery truck are already running at full speed - high time to roll off! Even for the balls Edelweiss, marmot and ibex, it's up and down on the master play track Mountain Adventure from HABA: There are three spiral curves to conquer. Now quickly through the bell gate, past the rockfall to the mountain station and scree barrier and on to the domino stairs. Shortly before the finish, 6 dominoes are waiting to be pushed over. What fun! Thanks to the clever click system, the Kullerbü master play track Mountain Adventure from HABA is assembled in no time at all. The connecting elements ensure maximum stability on the ground and promise unadulterated Kullerbü fun without the individual elements slipping.

The highlights of the Kullerbü mountain adventures

  • the Kullerbü mountain adventure master play track offers fast-paced googly action in front of a great mountain backdrop
  • includes powerful Kullerbü battery truck
  • many optical and acoustic effects provide excitement: falling rocks, bell gate, scree barrier, mountain station and domino stairs
  • with it: ball edelweiss, ball marmot and ball ibex
  • perfectly combinable with all other Kullerbü play tracks

Contents: 1 effect rockfall, 1 effect bell gate, 1 effect scree barrier, 1 effect mountain station, 1 Kullerbü - battery truck, 1 ball edelweiss, 1 ball marmot, 1 ball ibex, 18 columns, 25 connecting elements, 2 ground ramps, 2 launch ramps, 1 scenery clamp, 1 domino staircase, 3 spiral curves, 1 step curve, 2 starting stones, 1 wave track, 5 straight lines, 1 ramp, 6 dominoes, 1 cuboid, 5 cubes, 1 half cube, 4 stones, 1 deflection stone white.

Filling quantity (weight): 9,2 kg
Filling quantity (piece): 1
Gifts: Yes
age group: from 2 years
Shipping weight: 9,4 kg
Manufacturer: Haba
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: Toy
brand: Haba
Target group: child
Manufacturer address: HABA Sales GmbH & Co. KG, August-Grosch-Strasse 28-38, 96476 Bad Rodach

Manufacturer contact: Habermaass GmbH, August-Grosch-Str. 28-38, 96476 Bad Rodach / PO Box 1107, 96473 Bad Rodach

Haba Quality


At HABA we have a principle: toys are only as good as their material and workmanship. That is why we pay attention to a high quality in the selection of materials. And we constantly check their processing both in-house and at our suppliers. 
At the time of the founding of the company and in subsequent years, HABA exclusively produced wooden products. But since we produce board games, stable cardboard for the game plans, cards and tiles is also one of the materials used. Over the past 20 years, HABA's product range has been consistently expanded - and gradually various polyester and cotton fabrics, various plastics and, most recently, organic materials were added to the list of materials.
All materials used are thoroughly tested before production begins. 

Wood ... of course good for our toy

Since 2010 our wooden products carry the PEFC seal. It proves that we use wood from sustainable forestry in German forests. Our beech and birch wood comes from forests that are within 150 km of our location in the Franconian Bad Rodach. We also buy plywood imported from Finland and Russia exclusively from controlled cultivation. In this way we support the preservation of the ecological balance of the forests and make a significant contribution to sustainably improving the worldwide use of forests and forest care.


Wood paints and wood stains ... colorful and safe

When we bring paint into play with wooden toys, we only use solvent-free paints and water-based stains. So babies can always take the HABA grabbing and pacifier chains safely into their mouths. For the surfaces of furniture water-based paints and UV-curing coating systems are processed with approximately 100% solids.


Fabric ... the material for many cuddly toys

Our designers design a variety of fabric products using a variety of materials: smooth, easy-care polyester fabrics, but also blended fabrics with cotton, soft velor and nicki fabrics, corduroy, velvet, felt and mesh. Especially the different appearance and haptic quality of the fabrics makes a baby toy such as a Stoffgreifling or fabric bricks only really interesting. 
We have our stuffed toys produced by various suppliers worldwide, which we select carefully and whose production we regularly visit on site. We get an overview of the production situation and the social standards such as working hours, working conditions, etc. We produce in companies that are certified according to the code of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI).



Plastic ... perfect for colorful, stable sand toys and exciting items

We mainly use plastics for our sand toys. Stable shovels and buckets as well as the HABA-Kleckertüte have been part of the assortment for years. Also the creative sand toys of the Sun Bistro series with the many different plastic molds are very popular, because they enable children to play popular role-playing games in the sand very realistically: bake cakes, hearty treats, play sand restaurant. Our customers receive a five-year guarantee on the polypropylene and ABS plastics used in HABA sand toys. 
In addition, we manufacture some baby grabbers as well as various items for plastic ball tracks ... whenever our designers can use the advantages of plastic for their designs. This also creates great combinations of wood and plastic. 

t-750-plastic perfectly-fuer-buntes-stable-sand toys and-exciting-einzelteile.jpg


HABAform ... our bio-material from renewable raw materials

HABAform was developed in cooperation with a South German company and has been used since 2014 for the production of individual parts for teething toys, pacifier chains and other baby products. The reason for this are ecological aspects as well as the technical properties and diverse possibilities of the bio-material. HABAform is a natural material that consists of 100% renewable raw materials and is thus CO2-neutral. If the bio-material is heated, it can easily be sprayed into the desired shape and has all the properties of plastic after curing. The colors (also from a South German manufacturer) give the parts from HABAform their final appearance. Quality checks have confirmed that the bio-material meets all toy safety standards.

t-750-haba form-our-bio-material-from-renewable-rohstoffen.jpg

Cardboard ... provides excitement and lots of fun 

Cardboard is perhaps the most insignificant material we use, but it plays a very important role. Because in the field of games we use it for fixtures, tiles or cards. And so the pieces made of cardboard take over the wooden figures a central role, because on the illustrations printed there, the atmosphere comes into play. Also, most of our books are made of cardboard. This allows us to implement many popular items such as flaps, peepholes and turntables in children. Even the beautifully illustrated HABA puzzles are made of cardboard, with the puzzles for infants are particularly stable.

Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, beech, polypropylene, plywood mehr
Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, beech, polypropylene, plywood
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