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Manufacturer contact: Mondelez Switzerland GmbH, Lindbergh-Allee 1, CH-8152 Glattpark

The world brand Toblerone

It began in 1867...

Jean Tobler, a "canton stranger", is granted a settlement permit in Bern. He first worked in the Kuentz confectionery in the Marktgasse in Bern and when Kuentz fell ill, Tobler took over the business. Since the location did not suit him, he set up his "Confiserie Spéciale" on the first floor of a new building on Mittelstrasse in Längassquartier just a few months later (1868). In his shop, Jean Tobler initially made chocolate products only from semi-finished products that he purchased from other well-known manufacturers.

Today Toblerone, which is characterised by its special triangular format, is a household name for chocolate specialities all over the world. How this chocolate is made and which ingredients are contained, you will learn in this video:

Toblerone (2014) from Winkler Studios GmbH on Vimeo.

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