Aptamil HA Pre formula milk Hypoallergenic formula from birth, ready to drink, 2x90ml

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  • contains milk including lactose, soya and fish
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Screw on your own suction cup - ready to drink. Do you already use Aptamil Pronutra?... more

Screw on your own suction cup - ready to drink.

Do you already use Aptamil Pronutra?

Then we have good news: the recipe has not changed, we have only adapted our packaging to our uniform product and brand image.

What does that mean for you and your baby? Everything stays as it was. No changeover, just feed as usual.

Aptamil HA PRE ready to drink

40 years of breast milk research

Sometimes it happens that mothers cannot (fully) breastfeed their baby. For more than 40 years, breast milk has been at the heart of Milupa's research to provide the best possible care for babies who are not breastfed.
Through collaboration with universities and research institutes, the 250 or so scientists ensure that Aptamil formulas comply with the latest recommendations of nutrition experts.

At birth, a baby's immune system is still immature and develops slowly. There may be factors, such as the occurrence of allergies in the family, which influence the development of the immune system and increase the risk of allergies even in early childhood.

Thanks to the gentle splitting of protein, Aptamil HA Initial Food reduces the risk of allergies to cow's milk protein.

The result are the Aptamil starter foods - unique blends of selected ingredients:

  • LCPs - long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids.
    These are especially important in the first months of life, as they cannot be formed sufficiently by themselves.
  • Patented GOS/FOS (scGOS/lcFOS 9:1)
    (galacto-oligosaccharides and fructo-oligosaccharides (0.8g/100ml))

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable from birth
  • for supplementary feeding when not (fully) breastfed (Zwiemilch diet)
  • as sole food, if not breastfed
  • Can be given as needed - i.e. your baby can drink of it as often and as much as it likes
  • Is well tolerated
  • Easy to prepare & dose
  • Gluten-free (according to law)
  • 6 pack of 2 x 90 ml (12x90ml)
  • Country of origin: Germany

Aptamil offers the right food for every stage of development When
your baby is no longer satisfied with Aptamil Pre, Milupa recommends switching to the more satisfying Aptamil 1 or to Aptamil 2 for babies older than 6 months.

Füllmenge (Volumen): 180 ml, 1080 ml
baby food: Ready to drink
country of origin: EU / non-EU Agriculture
age group: from birth
Shipping weight: 0,265 kg
Manufacturer: Milupa
Maße HxBxT (circa): 160x400x112 mm
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: Hypoallergenic Milk, ready-to-drink formula
brand: Aptamil

Manufacturer contact: Milupa Nutricia GmbH, PO Box 1942, D-61289 Bad Homburg

In 1921, Emil Pauly founded the "Friedrichsdorfer Zwieback and Nährmittelfabrik Pauly". From the letters of his name he developed the future company name Milupa, which the company has been carrying since 1930. The entry into the infant food took place in 1932 with "Pauly's Nutrition". Just one year later, Emil Pauly sold his company to Philipp Bender and Heinz Koch. The two merchants maintained the then well-established name Milupa.

The love of the parents and a healthy diet from the beginning are the most important thing for an age-appropriate development. Milupa Milumil Milk Milk is developed by nutrition experts and tailored to each stage of development.

They contain all the important nutrients and a unique prebiotic fiber mix for a healthy intestinal flora. In addition, Milupa offers a wide range of different pulps and teas for a healthy diet right from the start. And with all questions about nutrition and development of babies mothers are in good hands with the Milupa mothers advice.

Aptamil. Today for tomorrow.

Aptamil baby's milk products provide optimal protection for the little ones. Because Aptamil contains the researchers specially developed Prebiotics, which support the development of a healthy intestinal flora and thus resemble the effect of breast milk.

A great deal of research has also gone into the development of Aptamil's specialty products: Aptamil, for example, has a wide range of products for premature babies or especially sensitive infants and babies. From Aptamil there is also a selection of high-quality milk pies, which are characterized by a particularly pure composition. With no added sugar and no additives whatsoever, they meet exactly the recommendations of nutrition experts.


The love of the parents and a healthy diet from the beginning are the most important thing for an age-appropriate development.

The Milupa Milumil Milk Foods are therefore developed by nutrition experts and are based on many years of research. Specially tailored to the individual developmental phases, the crystal sugar-free baby foods contain all the important nutrients and the patented Prebiotics. These ensure a particularly good digestibility. In addition, Milupa offers a wide range of different pulps and teas - for a healthy diet from the beginning.

nutrition information Ingredients Average nutrition... mehr
nutritional values Ingredients

nutrition information


Average nutrition information per 100 ml of the product ready for consumption
calorific value 66 kcal / 275 kJ
fat 3,4 g
Fat, of which saturated fatty acids 1,1 g
carbohydrates 7,2 g
roughage 0,6 g
albumen 1,5 g
sodium 25 mg
biotin 1,8 µg
calcium 46 mg
chloride 41 mg
iron 0,53 mg
fluoride < 3 µg
folic acid 8,4 µg
iodine 12 µg
potassium 89 mg
copper 40 µg
magnesium 5 mg
manganese 7,5 µg
niacin &lt;font color="#ffff00"&gt;-=43 mg=- sync:ßÇÈâÈâ
pantothenic acid 0.35 mg
phosphor 26 mg
selenium 1,5 µg
vitamin A 50 µg
Vitamin B 1, thiamine < 0,05 mg
Vitamin B 12 0.18 µg
Vitamin B 2, riboflavin 0,1 mg
Vitamin B 6 0.04 mg
vitamin C 9,1 mg
vitamin D 1,2 µg
vitamin E 1 mg
vitamin K 4,4 µg
zinc &lt;font color="#ffff00"&gt;-=5 mg=- sync:ßÇÈâÈâ
carnitine 1 mg
Choline, total 10 mg
inositol 4,1 mg
Carbohydrates, of which lactose 6,9 g
LCPs (long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids) 21,6 mg
taurine 5.3 mg

The analytical values are subject to the usual fluctuations for products made from natural products. Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Demineralised water, hydrolysed whey protein concentrate (from milk), lactose (from milk), vegetable oils (palm, rape, coconut, sunflower oil, oil from Mortierella alpina, SOJALECITHIN contained), Oligosaccharides (galactooligosaccharides (from MILCH), fructooligosaccharides), emulsifier (citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides from fatty acids), potassium orthophosphate, potassium chloride, acidity regulator (citric acid), Calcium orthophosphate, calcium chloride, FISH OIL, vitamin C, choline chloride, taurine, iron II lactate, vitamin E, zinc sulphate, nucleotides (sodium salts of uridine, cytidine, adenosine, inosine, guanosine 5 monophosphates), Vitamin A, L-carnitine, inositol, vitamin D, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper gluconate, sodium selenite, biotin, potassium iodide, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, manganese II sulphate.

Manufactured without gluten-containing ingredients according to the law - gluten-free.

Important notes

  • Breastfeeding is best for your baby. Please talk to your clinic or pediatrician if you want to use a special diet.
  • Like breast milk, baby foods also contain carbohydrates. They are an important part of your baby's diet. Frequent or prolonged contact of the teeth with carbohydrate-containing liquids can lead to tooth decay and thus to health problems. Do not leave the bottle to your child to suck continuously and drink it out of the cup as soon as possible.
  • The product is suitable for particular nutritional use by infants from birth if they are not breastfed.
  • The superiority of breastfeeding in combination with the recommendation to use the product only on the advice of independent medical, nutritional or pharmaceutical specialists or other persons responsible for the care of infants and children should be clearly emphasised here.
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