Potter Lactana HA PRE, Hypoallergenic starter food from birth, 600g

Potter Lactana HA PRE, Hypoallergenic starter food from birth, 600g
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  • lactose*, whey protein hydrolyzate*, egg oil*, fish oil*
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Hypoallergenic starter food from the Allgäu region Properties: contains a... more

Pottery Baby food Milk food

Hypoallergenic starter food from the Allgäu region


  • contains a low-allergen protein similar to breast milk.
  • is suitable from birth as a sole food or for supplementary feeding if breastfeeding is not carried out or if breast milk is not sufficient.
  • with a blend of 4 valuable bifido cultures.
  • contains lactose as the only carbohydrate.
  • LC-PUFA are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. These valuable nutrients contribute to a
    healthy development of the brain, nervous system and vision.
  • is a hypoallergenic infant food for infants with an increased allergy risk from the 1st bottle onwards.
  • promotes, just like breast milk, the colonisation of the
    intestines with a natural flora
    through the important bifidocultures it contains.
  • is gluten-free


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Manufacturer: Töpfer
brand: Töpfer
age group: from birth
baby food: Hypoallergenic, powdered formula
product group: Baby Formula, Hypoallergenic Milk
Filling quantity (weight): 600g
Shipping weight: 0,68 kg
Made in: EU (Germany)
country of origin: EU / non-EU Agriculture
Available downloads:

Manufacturer contact: Töpfer GmbH, Heisinger Straße 6, D-87463 Dietmannsried

The Töpfer GmbH is a successful medium-sized family business in Dietmannsried in the Allgäu. For decades, Töpfer GmbH has been producing products in the product ranges BIO baby food, natural cosmetics and dietary supplements to the highest quality standards.

Baby food and baby care from nature

From the first day of pregnancy to infancy, Töpfer wants to support young parents with his knowledge and products. Regardless of whether it is care during pregnancy, baby food, baby care or complementary food, we at Töpfer have looked nature over their fingers and produce exclusively in the best organic quality. Numerous tests and seals guarantee that all products are always produced in consistently high quality.

And that for over 100 years.

Baby food in the best organic quality 

From the first day, a balanced diet is important for the physical and mental development of the baby. Therefore, Töpfer has been using only selected and strictly controlled raw materials for over 100 years to produce high-quality baby food. No matter whether with cow or goat's milk, whether cow milk-free, lactose-free or hypoallergenic - we give all our knowledge for your baby.

Natural baby care for skin and hair 

A baby's skin is five times thinner than an adult's and is sensitive. So it is obvious that baby care products have to give a lot of protection against environmental influences such as heat, cold, sun and dehydration. Therefore, Töpfer relies on carefully selected raw materials such as calendula and wheat bran, which can help the skin to develop a healthy self-protection. Of course, all care products for the baby of Dermatest are tested for compatibility and is certified natural cosmetics.

Care for pregnant women in organic quality 

At no other time does the body of a woman change more profoundly than during pregnancy and after birth. Responsible for this are - as so often - the hormones: they ensure that the child can grow up carefree in the mother's stomach. But they are responsible for the fact that often change the hair, the connective tissue is loosened and some pregnant women does not recognize their skin.

That is exactly what Töpfer Mamacare has developed: With the power of nature, each product meets the special needs of expectant and young mothers so that they can focus on the most beautiful in their lives - their baby.



nutrition information Ingredients nutrition... mehr
nutritional values Ingredients

nutrition information


nutrition information per 100ml ready to drink**
calorific value kj 287
kcal 68
fat g 3,3
of it:
saturated fats g 1,1
imported unsaturated fatty acids g 1,4
polyunsaturated fatty acids g 0,8
carbohydrates g 7,7
of it:
sugar g 7,7
roughage g 0
albumen g 1,6
salt g 0,07
vitamin A µg 70,3
vitamin D µg 1,2
vitamin E mg 1,7
vitamin K µg 7,7
vitamin C mg 10
Vitamin B1 mg 0,063
vitamin B2 mg 0,075
niacin mg 0,51
Vitamin B6 mg 0,049
folic acid µg 23,9
vitamin B12 µg 0,21
biotin µg 2,8
pantothenic acid mg 0,57
sodium mg 29,3
potassium mg 90,8
chloride mg 47,1
calcium mg 46,4
phosphor mg 23,6
magnesium mg 6,60
iron mg 0,66
zinc mg 0.45
copper mg 0,041
manganese mg 0,024
fluoride mg 0,0024
selenium µg 2,6
iodine µg 14,3
inositol mg 5,4
L-carnitine mg 1,5
Per 100ml ready to drink**
lactose g 7,3
Docosahexaenoic acid (LC-PUFA) mg 18

The analytical values are subject to the usual fluctuations for products made from natural products. Packaged in protective atmosphere.

** Standard preparation: 13.2 g powder + 90 ml water

Lactose, vegetable oils (palm oil*, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), whey protein hydrolysate, emulsifier: Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, fish oil, oil from Mortierella alpina, potassium hydroxide, calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, choline bitartrate, L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, vitamin C, sodium hydroxide, L-tryptophan, taurine, inositol, iron lactate, bifidobacteria cultures (B.breve, B.bifidum, B.infantis, B.longum), L-carnitine, zinc sulphate, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, niacin, copper sulphate, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12.

*Palm oil from sustainable cultivation

Important notes

  • For your baby ...
    breastfeeding is the best, because breast milk provides exactly the nutrients your child needs for healthy development. If you wish to use a hypoallergenic infant formula, please talk to your midwife, pediatrician or clinic. Lactana Pre HA must not be used in cases of or suspected of existing cow's milk protein allergy.
  • For the teeth ...
    frequent or permanent contact with carbohydrate-containing foods is harmful. This can cause serious tooth damage (tooth decay) and thus lead to health problems. Like all baby foods, Lactana Pre HA contains carbohydrates (lactose). A bottle meal should therefore only last as long as the actual drinking process. Do not leave the bottle with your child as a pacifier replacement or for continuous sucking. Please ensure regular dental care from the first tooth.

  • The product is suitable for particular nutritional use by infants from birth if they are not breastfed.

  • The superiority of breastfeeding in combination with the recommendation to use the product only on the advice of independent medical, nutritional or pharmaceutical specialists or other persons responsible for the care of infants and children should be clearly emphasised here.
preparation Boil the required amount of drinking water fresh and let it cool down to... mehr


Pottery Preparation

  1. Boil the required amount of drinking water fresh and let it cool down to approx. 40 °C - 50 °C.
  2. Pour half of the water into the drinking bottle - boil bottle and teat before use.
  3. Using the measuring spoon, pour the required quantity of powder into the bottle. Always wipe the measuring spoon smooth.
  4. Close the bottle and shake vigorously. Fill up with remaining water and shake vigorously again.
  5. Let the contents of the bottle cool down to drinking temperature. Check temperature before drinking!

Safe use:

Follow the instructions for use carefully when preparing infant food. An improper preparation or any storage of the ready-to-eat food can lead to health impairments due to the growth of unwanted germs. Prepare the food fresh before each meal and feed it immediately. Do not reuse food leftovers, but dispose of them. Thoroughly clean bottle, teat and ring. Besides:

  • Use the contents of the opened bag within 14 days and always close the bag tightly.
  • Always use the enclosed measuring spoon - do not heat it!
  • Do not wipe the measuring spoon with sharp or sharp-edged objects.
  • Do not heat infant formula in the microwave (danger of scalding!)

Correct dosage - nutrition plan and quantity information

The number of vials and the recommended amount to drink in the diet plan are only guidelines. They can differ individually, small deviations are harmless.

One level measuring spoon contains about 4.4 g Lactana Pre HA.

Standard resolution for 100 ml ready-to-drink bottle food: 13.2 g (3 measuring spoons) powder + 90 ml freshly boiled drinking water

age Number of bottle meals per day Drinking quantity per bottle in ml Dosage per meal
boiled drinking water in ml Number of measuring spoons
1st week* 6-7 70 60 2
2nd-4th week 6-7 100 90 3
2nd month 5-6 130 120 4
3rd - 4th month 4-5 170 150 5
from the 5th month 3-5 200 180 6

* Unless otherwise recommended by the doctor or midwife.

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