NUK Nature Sense Advantage pack, 260ml, size 2M

NUK Nature Sense Vorteilspack Größe 2M in weiß/rosa
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No matter which variant you choose, all bottles offer these advantages: Practical... more

No matter which variant you choose, all bottles offer these advantages:

pregnant women

  • Practical advantage pack: NUK Nature Sense baby bottles made of polypropylene (PP) à 260 ml, M for milk food, for children aged 6-18 months
  • Optimal, calm and natural drinking flow through fine and variable drinking openings, which are based on the mother's breast.
  • Wide, flexible lip rest with extra soft soft tip similar to mother chest
  • Innovative anti-colic valve prevents air swallowing
  • Bottle made of high quality polypropylene (PP) is particularly resistant, BPA-free.

By clicking on the different color options on this page you can choose between:

  • colour variation maid:
    • 2 bottles in delicate pink each with NUK Nature Sense silicone teat and a reliable protective cap
    • 1 bottle in delicate neutral colour with NUK Nature Sense silicone teat and a reliable protective cap
  • colour variation boys:
    • 2 bottles in delicate light blue each with NUK Nature Sense silicone teat and a reliable protective cap
    • 1 bottle in delicate neutral colour with NUK Nature Sense silicone teat and a reliable protective cap
  • Neutral colour:
    • 2 bottles in delicate neutral colour, each with NUK Nature Sense silicone teat and a reliable protective cap

NUK Nature Sense Benefit pack: the best NUK drinking bottle in a set

We cannot replace Mother Nature - but she can take us as role models. We at NUK have therefore made it our mission to get even closer to nature and in this way have developed the new NUK Nature Sense baby bottle. The special thing about this bottle is that the fine drinking openings of the teat were modelled on the milk ducts of the mother's breast and make it a bottle with which babies can enjoy a completely familiar feeling of drinking and, above all, a natural flow of drinking. And this is exactly what we care about, because with a natural feeling during bottle feeding, the change from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is easy and fun for you and your baby.

Our advantage pack offers several discreetly designed NUK Nature Sense baby bottles in neutral white. Each bottle has a capacity of 260 ml and is equipped with the innovative NUK Nature Sense silicone teat and a reliable protective cap. With the advantage pack you can be sure that even on hectic days, when there is no time for bottle cleaning, you always have a clean bottle at hand and your baby is therefore always well cared for.

Prevents colic
The improved Anti-Colic Air System provides a natural food flow - so your baby can drink relaxed without swallowing air.

Based on the mother's breast - the teat of the NUK Nature Sense baby bottle

The teat of the NUK Nature Sense baby bottle is closer to the mother's breast than ever before! This drinking bottle is especially suitable for mothers who cannot breastfeed, who combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding, or who just want to get their baby used to drinking from the bottle. The extra wide and flexible lip support of the teat allows the baby to start naturally and the innovative Anti-Colic Valve also allows breastlike drinking without stopping, thus preventing the baby from swallowing air. The extra soft nipple tip adapts to the oral cavity in a very flexible way, similar to the nipple. This makes it a lot easier for your child to say goodbye to his or her breast and the innovative NUK drinking bottle also brings you real added value, because now your dad can get up at night, take the baby's diet into his or her hands and give you a few hours of valuable sleep.

What the natural baby bottle still has to offer

Not only do we consider the NUK Nature Sense bottle to be the best NUK drinking bottle ever developed. Also test results* show promising results which clearly speak for this baby bottle. Thus, 92% of babies accept the bottle's natural teat, 99% of mothers would recommend this bottle and 98% of midwives and paediatricians confirm the softness and a feeling almost like on the mother's breast.

But what would this perfect teat be, appreciated and recommended by mothers, midwives and pediatricians, without the right bottle? The Nature Sense baby bottle is made of high-quality polypropylene, BPA free and particularly resistant. The extra wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning very easy. The protective cap directly and securely closes all fine drinking openings, so that the drinking bottle also proves itself as a faithful companion on the road. The combination of a practical baby bottle and a natural teat has been ideally implemented here, because you and your baby should not miss a thing.

*Independent market research in Germany 2016

BPA free
Füllmenge (Volumen): 260 ml
Gifts: Yes
Shipping weight: 0,35 kg
Manufacturer: MAPA GmbH
brand: Bebe, NUK
Manufacturer address: MAPA GmbH, Industriestrasse 21-25, D-27404 Zeven

Manufacturer contact  MAPA GmbH,   Industriestrasse 21-25,   D-27404 Zeven

NUK is a trademark of MAPA GmbH, based in Zeven, Germany, which belongs to the American Jarden Corporation. In 1956 Hanseatische Gummiwarenfabrik GmbH (since 1969 MAPA GmbH) introduced the NUK vacuum cleaner. Since then, the brand NUK exists. The letters were originally for "natural and Kiefergerecht".

"Because this little life is  the greatest thing  in our lives."

NUK. Understand life.

NUK philosophy - understanding life

Understanding life - what does that mean? For us at NUK, this means keeping in close contact with experts who are important to the healthy development of a new life: midwives, doctors, nutritionists and, of course, you, the parents. The best ideas we look for from nature: It is, for example, a model for the typical shape of our pacifiers and teat, which resemble the mother's breast when breastfeeding.

Above all, understanding life means paying attention to the needs of the people most important to us: children. We explore their different stages of development at any age and adapt our NUK products accordingly. All NUK products build on each other - so you can always be sure to do the right thing for your child. From the beginning.

Children understand

Children understand

From birth to kindergarten.

They are just in the world trying to tell us what they need: babies. We want to understand from the first day of life, what these little people need:  
A three-month-old baby has different needs than an eight-month-old child, who is currently fighting with the first little teeth. Only when we examine each stage of development and understand exactly, we can give babies and children the right thing at any time. Our products build on each other and grow with them - from birth to kindergarten age. The nicest thing about our work: with every child born, we learn from NUK. Since our company was founded in 1956, more than 50 million children have been born in Germany - and we are pleased that many of their parents have trusted and still trust in NUK products.

Understand parents

Understand parents

And everyday life suddenly becomes an adventure.

Children turn everything upside down. And new parents in front of a thousand new questions. We know that and want to help parents with their new task. With products that help children in their healthy development and make everyday life easier for mothers and fathers. With helpful services. And with downloads that provide worth knowing and entertaining information for you. On our advice and help pages, you'll find all the content sorted by life stages as well as expert interviews, where midwives, doctors and nutritionists answer frequently asked questions. Do you have a personal question or suggestion? Call us or write an e-mail! The contact details can be found on every page of the NUK website at the bottom.

Experts understand

Experts understand

Until all agree.

From the first idea to the finished NUK product, we take a lot of time: 
How does  the idea become a perfect solution for babies and mothers? Midwives, paediatricians, dentists, nutritionists and, of course, parents know the needs of babies and children. We use their knowledge and experience to think about new products and services or to make existing ones even better. Our quality inspectors also ensure that NUK products come to the baby shelves with exactly the high quality that NUK has been standing for for 60 years.

Understand nature


Understand nature

The basis of the NUK brand.

The best tips and ideas in the development of our products gives us the nature. And let's take a closer look: For example, 60 years ago, we discovered that the breast of the breast perfectly adapts to the baby's mouth during breastfeeding - and develops the first asymmetrical teat after this model. It is shaped to fit the jaw, supports the development of the entire oral cavity and counteracts tooth and jaw malpositions. So suckers and pacifiers not only soothe babies, but also their parents.

Mutterinstinkt - Wie entsteht mütterliche Fürsorge? -Mütter halten ihrer Kinder... mehr

Mutterinstinkt - Wie entsteht mütterliche Fürsorge?

Mutter mit Kindern-Mütter halten ihrer Kinder Hände für eine Weile und ihre Herzen für immer.-

Gibt es den Mutterinstinkt wirklich?

Die ganz besondere Beziehung zwischen Mutter und Kind, die ab der Befruchtung oder gar schon ab dem Kindeswunsch entsteht, wird als Mutterinstinkt bezeichnet.

Viele jedoch kritisieren diesen, stellen ihn in Frage oder lehnen diese Meinung stets ab, wie beispielsweise einige Evolutionsforscher. Diese Forscher begründen ihre Meinung damit, dass die Natur der Frau nicht die Rolle der aufopferungsvollen und fürsorglichen Mutter gegeben hat. Der Mutterinstinkt ist also nicht instinktiv und auch nicht alle Mütter besitzen ihn. Trotzdem ist der "natürliche Mutterinstinkt" immer wieder Forschungsgegenstand und wird häufig im Alltag verwendet.

Was ist der Mutterinstinkt?

Gesellschaftliche und kulturelle Gegebenheiten beeinflussen das mütterliche Verhalten stark. Außerdem ist es durch die eigene, individuelle Erfahrung geprägt. Ein Stück weit ist der Mutterinstinkt genau das für was man ihn hält, der unermüdliche Elan für das Baby da zu sein und ohne Nachdenken sich für das Kind aufzuopfern. Allerdings trifft das nicht nur auf biologische Mütter zu, denn bei manchen Menschen, egal ob Frauen oder Männern, kann ein besonders starkes fürsorgliches Verhalten für die Kleinen entwickelt werden, selbst wenn keine Verwandschaft vorliegt. 

Ein Gutes Beispiel hierbei sind Adoptiveletern, welche ebenso starke Gefühle wie eine leibliche Mutter aufbauen kann.

Was ist das Kindchenschema?

Viele Wissenschaftler erklären den Mutterinstinkt mithilfe des Kindchenschemas, das von Verhaltensforscher Konrad Lorenz aufgestellt wurde. Auf die niedlichen Schlüsselreize wirken, reagieren Menschen und die meisten Tierarten mit einem Beschützer- und Fürsorgeverhalten, also einer Art Mutterschema.

Das Kindchenschema spiegelt sich in bab-typischen Proportionen und Gesichtszügen: großer Kopf, große Kulleraugen, Pausbäckchen und eine gewisse Wehrlosigkeit, wie tollpatschiges Verhalten oder Weinen.

Wie äußert sich der Mutterinstinkt?

Eine Mutter kümmert sich ständig um das Wohlbefinden ihres Sprösslings, weil dieser höchste Priorität in dem Leben einer Mutter hat. Zudem haben sie häufig das Gefühl mit ihrem Kind auch ohne Nabelschnur ganz eng verbunden zu sein. Schon während der Schwangerschaft verändern fast alle Frauen ihr Verhalten und achten viel mehr auf ihre Ernährung, da sie nur das Beste für die Kleinen wollen.

Auch der Mutterinstinkt braucht Zeit

Für manche Mütter ist ihr Baby wie die sprichwörtliche Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Aber bei weitem nicht für alle. Die Situation für die Mutter ist völlig neu und oft auch etwas beängstigend. Man hat Angst viel falsch zu machen und dem Baby nicht das geben zu können, was es barucht. Auch wenn es das zweite Kind ist, kommen diese Zweifel auf. Manchmal wird es einfach zu viel, gerade dann, wenn Familie und Freunde mit zahlreich gut gemeinten Tipps zur Kindererziehung ankommen und junge Mütter und auch Väter völlig überfordern. Wichtig ist, nicht jeden Ratschlag anzunehmen. Meist ist es richtig, auf das eigene Bauchgefühl zu hören und die Erziehung individuell zu gestalten. Denn die perfekte Erziehung gibt es nicht, auch nicht, nach dem man sich die ganzen Ratschläge angehört oder informative Erzeihungratgeber gelesen hat.

Ganz wichtig ist ebenfalls, sich nicht verunsichern zu lasse. Man lernt mit der Zeit dazu und bekommt ein Gespühr, was das Kind gerade braucht. Vertrauen in sich selbst und auf das eigene Bauchgefühl hören, sind schon mal ein guter Anfang für eine gelungene Erziehung und Eletrn-Kind-Beziehung.

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