Herbaria Bittrio Herbal Elixir 250ml

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  • Store opened bottle in fridge.
Typical natural plants with bitter substances for the digestive system: Bitter is more... more

Herbaria Natur-Drogerie Vitamins Nutritional Supplements Bittrio

Typical natural plants with bitter substances for the digestive system:

Bitter is more than a flavour

Bitter substances are an important part of the diet because they stimulate the production of digestive juices. It begins already in the oral cavity: As soon as one perceives the bitter taste, saliva is produced. At the same time, bitter substances promote the production of bile and stomach acid and the pancreas is stimulated.

Herbaria Bittrio Herbal elixir bitter substances digestion stomachUnfortunately, today unpleasant taste is very often bred away. As a result, many types of vegetables and fruit that originally contained significantly more bitter substances - such as chicory or grapefruit - are hardly bitter any more. Bitter substances have very positive effects on the human organism. In the past, they were even counted as natural eating inhibitors, especially for sweets.

Of course, not everyone likes it bitter. But you can become familiar with bitter substances. If you regularly enjoy bitter substances and gradually increase the amount, you will quickly get used to them.

Because bitter substances are so important for the digestive system, many traditional aperitifs are also bitter. They stimulate the appetite and activate the metabolism before eating. The bitter herbal digestive after a meal has the same effect: it is supposed to support the body in digestion and thus make the meal more "digestible".

Typical plants with aromatic bitter substances are, for example, the local artichoke or ginger and turmeric, which are said to have many good properties. Pure bitter plants are dandelion and gentian, the latter being the plant with the highest bitterness content natu¨rlichen This also explains the many gentian schnapps in the Alpine region.

Effect on stomach and gall bladder:

Bitter substances stimulate the production of gastric acid and bile.

Effect on digestion:

Bitter substances support the production of one's own digestive juices, so that the food can be metabolised more easily and used much better. This makes it easier for the important nutrients to enter the body.

Füllmenge (Volumen): 250 ml
drug: Nein
Gesundheit: Magen & Verdauung, Produkte für Ihn, Produkte für Kinder, Produkte für Sie
country of origin: Germany
Products with organic ingredients: Yes
glutenfreie Produkte: Ja
Shipping weight: 0,357 kg
Manufacturer: Herbaria
Made in: EU (Germany)
Produktgruppe: Nahrungsergänzung/freiverkäufliche Arzneimittel
brand: Herbaria
weitere Eigenschaften: alkoholfrei, glutenfrei, vegan

Manufacturer contact: Herbaria Kräuterparadies GmbH, Hagnbergstraße 12, 83730 Fischbachau, Germany / SALUS Haus Dr. med. med. Otto Greither Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG, Bahnhofstr. 24, 83052 Bruckmuehl, Germany

The Herbaria herbal paradise GmbH is one of the first suppliers of the health food scene and active founding members of the first federal association Naturkost Naturwaren e. V. (BNN). Even today, natural food stores and organic markets are among our main customers, but also the delicatessen, ecological re-processors and the gastronomy appreciate the high-quality Herbaria products for many years. Since February 2006, we have been one of the few providers of gourmet products in the organic sector that combine high-quality nutrition and high culinary demands with the "Organic Gourmet" spice line.

Well over 200 Herbaria products can be found nationwide in over 4,000 health food stores and health food stores. The medium-sized company currently has 27 employees, the management of Herbaria is in the hands of owner Otto Greither and Erwin Winkler (CEO).

It is very important for us to make consumers aware that the organic market is an individual rather than a mass market. We maintain relationships with smallholder producers in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.


Herbaria: herbal knowledge since 1919

The company Herbaria was founded in 1919 as a herbal company for the production of remedies. Herbaria branded products in the field of remedies such as Eva Aschenbrenner's 6 tea, a wide range of herbal teas and Herbasana natural products are based on a long tradition and a great deal of experience, and can be found in all organic stores.

From 1981, the Herbaria supplies the first health food stores as a specialist for organic teas, herbs and spices. In 1987, the company became active as a founding member of the first federal association Naturkost Naturwaren e. V. (BNN) and continues to develop it to this day. The common concern is: "Healthy, wholesome and natural foods". The extremely strict guidelines of the association take into account not only the ecological cultivation, but also an environmentally friendly, careful and as little as possible processing of the raw materials.

Due to a steadily growing demand for the well-known and proven organic products from Herbaria, the Upper Bavarian company on Lake Schliersee needs more and more space. The move to Fischbachau at the foot of the Wendelstein in the larger premises of a former bread factory finally took place in 2000.


Active environmental protection

With the production of food and the purchase of organically produced products, we and our customers assume long-term responsibility for the nature and climate of our earth. We support sustainable forms of cultivation and processing that conserve natural cycles, conserve the resources of soil, water and energy and promote biodiversity.


Our products bear the organic seal of the European Union. A proven, transparent and verifiable quality is thus the characteristic of our ecologically produced products. This includes, for example, the principal exclusion of irradiated or genetically modified raw materials and the complete abandonment of chemical preservatives. As co-founder and committed member of the Federal Association of Natural Food Natural Products e. V. (BNN), however, our company's strict quality criteria are far above the legal standards.

nutrition information Ingredients Nutrition... mehr
nutritional values Ingredients

nutrition information


Nutrition information per 100ml
calorific value kJ 342
kcal 80
fat g <0,5
saturated fats g <0,5
carbohydrates g 20,1
sugar g 19,9
albumen g <0,5
salt g 0

The analytical values are subject to the usual fluctuations for products made from natural products. Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Aqueous plant extract* (75%) (with extracts of artichoke leaves (40%)*, dandelion leaves (13.3%)*, gentian root (10.7%)*, turmeric root (6.7%)*, yarrow herb*, Ginger root (5.3%)*, bitter fennel fruits (4%)*, camomile flowers*, orange peels*, Benediktenkraut*, bitter clover leaves*, cardamom fruits*), agave syrup*, water.

*from controlled organic cultivation


Depending on taste, take 20ml Bittrio before or after a meal.

Important notes

  • Please shake well before use and do not drink directly from the bottle.
  • Store opened bottle in fridge.
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