Double heart vitamin C + zinc, 15 effervescent tablets

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  • Store in a dry place and not above 25°C.
The support of health and well-being! For a strong immune system and a healthy immune... more

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The support of health and well-being!

For a strong immune system and a healthy immune system, an adequate supply of nutrients plays an important role. Our bodies are often unable to produce these nutrients themselves. They must therefore be ingested with food. This also applies to vitamin C.

Double heart vitamin C + zinc provides 600 mg vitamin C in combination with 5 mg zinc to support a normal function of the immune system. The blood orange pomegranate taste gives a refreshing feeling and attracts the attention of all vitamin lovers!

Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system during and after intense physical activity. Besides their function for the immune system, vitamin C and zinc contribute to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress.

Zinc also has a function in cell division andcontributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

Double heart vitamin C effervescent tablet

An adequate supply of nutrients plays an important role for health and performance.

Vitamin C: Since the human body cannot produce vitamin C itself, it must be supplied through food. Through its antioxidant effect, vitamin C supports the body in many ways in the fight against harmful environmental influences and is used for the body's own defence functions. Vitamin C is involved in the regulation of the oxygen supply to the cells and is needed for the synthesis of other endogenous substances.

Zinc:Zinc is a mineral that only occurs in traces, i.e. in extremely small amounts, in the human body. Zinc is a vital trace element. Among other things, zinc is vital because our metabolism could not function without the trace element. Zinc, for example, contributes to the fact that zinc is a...

  • ... our metabolism can function normally
  • ... our immune system can react effectively
  • ...heal wounds
  • ... skin, hair and nails remain healthy and strong
  • ... insulin is stored in the pancreas.

Your Schafi-Shop team wishes you a healthy day!

Filling quantity (weight): 94,5g
Filling quantity (piece): 15
drug: Nein
health: cell protection, immune system
country of origin: EU / non-EU Agriculture
milk-free products: Yes
gluten-free products: Yes
Shipping weight: 0,25 kg
Manufacturer: Queisser Pharma
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: Nutritional supplement / over-the-counter medicines
brand: Doppelherz
further properties: gluten free, non dairy

Manufacturer contact: Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Schleswiger Str. 74, 24941 Flensburg, Germany

Queisser Pharma FlensburgQueisser Pharma stands for healthy life and holistic well-being. As one of the leading German pharmaceutical companies, we can look back on more than 100 years of company history. At our headquarters in Flensburg, we develop, produce and market a wide range of selected products for the preservation and maintenance of health. Whether pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutritional supplements or cosmetics - our range consists of high quality products.

Each and every employee personally stands for the quality level of the products of Queisser Pharma. Our customers trust our products. This trust is based on the supply of high-quality, needs-oriented products.

Our task is to meet the demands of our customers for quality every day anew.

The focus of our activities in Germany and abroad are high-quality products for the preservation of health.

Queisser Pharma sells a wide range of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements under the Doppelherz  brand  The products are sold in Germany in the pharmacy, in drugstores as well as the food retail trade.

In recent years, the product range has been steadily expanded to include innovative products, including the development of a wide range of vitamin and mineral preparations, which are characterized by ever new and intelligent compositions. Every day, customers opt for the company's quality products and make Doppelherz products one of the best-selling nutritional supplements in Germany.

The company history of Queisser Pharma

The company Queisser Pharma can look back on more than 100 years of company history. Comprehensive knowledge about health has a long tradition here.

The history of Queisser Pharma begins in 1897 in a small pharmaceutical factory in Hamburg. The graduate pharmacist Alfred Queisser had come from Lusatia in the district of Dresden to Hamburg to make his fortune as a manufacturer. He focused on the production of health and care products such as creams, liquid soap and toothpaste. Despite difficult circumstances, Alfred Queisser managed to continuously expand the company. He owed this to his extensive talents as a businessman, scientist and imaginative advertising expert, whom he united in one person.

The second root of today's Queisser Pharma was created by the Essen pharmacist Josef Peter Hennes. In 1919, he developed the original formula of today's Doppelherz® energy tonic from herbs and other natural ingredients. The tonic was produced and successfully marketed in the eponymous company founded by him.

Both houses eventually merged into "Queisser Pharma", which has been part of HGDF Familienholding Ltd. since the end of the 1970s. & Co. KG, a long-established Flensburg family business, whose parent company was founded in 1738 in Flensburg.

Queisser Pharma today

Since 1987, Queisser Pharma has its headquarters in Flensburg in the former production areas of a Rumherstellung. In addition to other brand products from Queisser, about 1 million liters of Doppelherz energy tonic are produced, bottled, packed and shipped in line with the market.

Queisser Pharma is guided by tradition and at the same time modern - with much grown experience and specialist knowledge, modern and innovative health products are regularly created. 

Demand for health products has been increasing for many decades. Our headquarters in Flensburg has therefore been continuously adapted and expanded to meet the steadily growing popularity. Here many of our products are manufactured, packed and shipped in modern production lines. From Flensburg the products reach all over Germany and all over the world. To date, we have grown to about 300 employees. This makes Queisser Pharma one of the biggest employers in the city of Flensburg.

Queisser logistics

The future of Queisser Pharma

The market for health is constantly changing. Health is becoming more and more important for every individual as well as for the social institutions.

The self-responsibility for the health increases as well as the consciousness to be able to influence the health and their continuance actively and independently. Increasing life expectancy and the rising share of older people are setting new trends and presenting the healthcare industry with new challenges. For a company involved in health products, there are great opportunities for the future.

Health awareness and demographic change

A modern medium-sized company like Queisser Pharma must actively change in this fast-paced world. A change that is characterized by major market changes, which are caused not least by the demographic development of the population structure in all countries of the world.

Never before have so many people become so old, while at the same time remaining so young, healthy and actively involved in social life. The proportion of over-60s to 100 people between the ages of 20 and 60 will almost double by 2030. In 2050, 78 out of 100 people will be over 60 years old.

Health care and personal responsibility

Life expectancy increases from generation to generation. Even today, the sixty-year-olds can look forward to more than 20 more years of life. With age, there is an interesting trend towards active health care, prophylaxis and personal responsibility. Clearly recognizable is the endeavor to provide your body with everything necessary to achieve a strong and active old age. People know that they can not leave their health today alone to the doctors. They have to take their health into their own hands and act on their own initiative and responsibility.

Composition of the Ingredients  ... mehr
nutritional values Ingredients

Composition of the



constituentsper daily portion (=1 effervescent tablet)%NRV*
vitamin C 600 mg 750%
zinc 5 mg 50%

*Food reference values according to EU regulation 1169/2011


Nutritional supplement with sweeteners Effervescent tablets with vitamin C and zinc

acidifiers citric acid, acidity regulators sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium carbonate, L-ascorbic acid, humectants sorbitol, inulin, starch, release agents tricalcium phosphate, flavouring, sweeteners sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin, zinc gluconate, maltodextrin, beetroot juice powder, colouring riboflavin-5'-phosphate

storage instructions

Store in a dry place and not above 25°C.

Consumption recommendation: Drink one tablet daily dissolved in a glass of water (200... mehr

Consumption recommendation:

Drink one tablet daily dissolved in a glass of water (200 ml)

  • The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.
  • Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of the reach of small children
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years and persons with impaired kidney function.

consumption recommendation



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