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  • To avoid choking and strangulation hazards, keep all packaging materials away from babies and children.
The extra soft diaper for your little sunshine Size 1: for clothing size 50-56,... more

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The extra soft diaper for your little sunshine

Size 1: for clothing size 50-56, weight 2-5kg

Special skin tolerance due to unsurpassed softness and absence of undesirable substances.


  • NEW 3-fold leakage protection: optimized fit, thick leg cuffs and innovative channel shape for fast liquid absorption
  • free of unwanted fabrics: designed to minimize allergy risks right from the start
  • hypoallergenic and breathable: perfect for baby's sensitive skin
  • optimal fit: innovative fit closure can be opened several times and holds everywhere on the diaper
  • keeps reliably dry: day and night for up to 12 hours
  • practical wetness indicator: simply know when it's time to change the diaper
  • made in Germany: resource-saving, climate-positive and sustainable
  • Gentle on the skin. Gentle on nature.

Sustainable and free of additives:

Sustainability has a high priority in the development of all our products. That's why not only the pulp of our diapers is obtained from sustainable sources, but also the packaging consists of up to 40% recycled plastic. To ensure the livelihood of your little ones and all future generations, we also rely on the use of renewable energies, pulp from FSC-certified sources and the absence of genetic engineering in HiPP diapers.


Size: L (Large)
Fits hip circumference: 95cm - 125cm
Filling quantity (piece): 7
colour: White
Shipping weight: 0,441 kg
Manufacturer: Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: Incontinence panties
brand: TENA
Manufacturer address: Essity Hygiene and Health AB, SE-405 03 Göteborg, Sweden

Manufacturer contact: Essity GmbH, Sandhofer Straße 176, 68305 Mannheim, Germany.

Essity is a leading international manufacturer of hygiene products and solutions with a clear focus on health, hygiene and sustainability. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Essity is a global force in the hygiene industry, offering a wide range of products that improve the daily lives of people around the world.

Founded as a standalone company in 2017, Essity builds on a long history of innovation and expertise in the hygiene industry. The company was born out of the separation of the hygiene and healthcare business from SCA, a Swedish company with over 90 years of experience. Essity continues this legacy and has built a reputation for premium hygiene products that offer both functionality and comfort.

Essity's product range includes a wide selection of hygiene products, including toilet paper, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, nappies for babies and adults, incontinence products, facial tissues and more. These products are sold under many well-known brands such as Tork, TENA, Libero, Lotus, and Tempo. Essity takes a comprehensive approach to hygiene by providing solutions for personal hygiene, workplace hygiene, healthcare and many other areas.

Essity's mission goes beyond simply manufacturing products. The company places great emphasis on sustainability and is committed to taking environmental and social responsibility. Essity is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, works to promote a circular economy and is committed to improving hygiene conditions in communities worldwide.

Essity's research and development activities aim to create innovative products and solutions that meet consumer demands and needs. The company uses cutting-edge technologies to develop hygiene products that are not only functional, but also comfortable and sustainable.

Overall, Essity embodies the pursuit of hygiene, health and sustainability. With a global presence, an extensive product range and a strong commitment to society, Essity strives to enhance the quality of life of people worldwide while protecting the environment.

Eco diapers for babies When choosing diapers, many parents are concerned about... mehr

Eco diapers for babies

When choosing diapers, many parents are concerned about sustainability and the environment. Cloth diapers or eco diapers are becoming more and more popular.

What are eco diapers?

Eco diapers are usually disposable diapers that are environmentally friendly. The difference between these and conventional diapers is that they are largely made of biodegradable materials. This includes, for example, FSC-certified cellulose.
Opinions differ as to when a diaper deserves the title eco diaper. However, there are some criteria that make a diaper particularly nature-conscious and environmentally friendly.

Why is the HiPP diaper nature-conscious?

1. Resource-saving production of the diaper

The nature-conscious HiPP Extra Soft diapers are produced in a resource-conserving manner in a plant with a CO2-neutral energy balance through the use of renewable energies. Only green electricity is used in this process and no harmful substances are used. Furthermore, we support worldwide climate protection projects.

2. Sustainable materials

The pulp of our diapers comes 100% from responsible sources. We attach great importance to sustainable forestry. The bag of our diapers consists of 40% recycled plastic.

3. Packaging and transport

When packaging our diapers, we avoid using large cardboard boxes with inner bags and use thin film packaging. This results in less waste being produced. In addition, the film packaging is more space-saving, so we can transport more diapers in one truck. This allows us to save transport distances and reduce CO2 emissions. To ensure that our diapers have the shortest possible transport routes, they are also produced exclusively in Germany.

HiPP Extra Soft Diapers are environmentally friendly and nature-conscious diapers.

The Blue Angel also thinks so, and has thus awarded us the seal for diapers from size 3.

Blue Angel for diapers

What is the Blue Angel?

The Blue Angel has been the German government's environmental label for more than 40 years. The environmental seal stands for independent, credible and demanding standards for environmentally friendly and eco-friendly products. For nature-conscious diapers and eco diapers, this means:

  • Pulp must come from 100% sustainable forestry, e.g. be FSC certified
  • Pulp must not be bleached using elemental chlorine
  • Diapers must be free of harmful substances and cosmetic additives
  • Quality and suitability for use must be proven in various tests

Further eco certificates at HiPP


Did you already know? Just like eco diapers, our nature-conscious HiPP diapers are also FSC certified in addition to the Blue Angel and are considered climate-neutral

This seal identifies products from factories with a CO2-neutral energy balance. To this end, renewable energies (100% green electricity) are used and global climate protection projects are supported. The products are manufactured in Germany to guarantee short transport distances. In the case of HiPP diapers, the bag also consists of 40% recycled plastic.

FSC seal

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council and was founded in Bonn in 1993. The non-profit organization developed the first system for certifying sustainable forestry. The FSC seal therefore stands for products whose materials come from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials as well as from controlled sources. In the case of HiPP diapers, the pulp is obtained from 100% sustainable and responsible sources.

Oeko Tex seal
  • Certification of textile products that are safe for health
  • Testing for harmful residues
  • Uniform system worldwide

Why choose nature-conscious HiPP diapers?

  • Diapers come from a factory with a CO2-neutral energy balance
  • Pulp from sustainable forestry
  • Made in Germany for short transport distances
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Support for global climate protection projects
  • Certified as climate neutral
  • Certified pulp by FSC
  • Certified with the Blue Angel
  • Tested for harmful substances
  • Without cosmetic additives
  • Extra soft and breathable
  • Free of perfume, lotion, chlorine and natural latex
  • Innovative fit closure for flexible adjustment to little legs and tummy
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