Wooden cutting board Sylvan, Walnut, approx. 300 x 150mm, 19mm thick, Spessart board

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  • It is a handmade product from a natural raw material. Deviations in dimensions, colour and shape are therefore possible and testify to the natural origin and honest craftsmanship. Inclusions of branches can also occur.
Sustainability. Quality. Craftsmanship. Values that are unfortunately becoming shorter and... more

Sustainability. Quality. Craftsmanship.

Spessart board SylvanValues that are unfortunately becoming shorter and shorter in the current time - cheaper, faster and simply throw away when "the varnish is chipped, unfortunately this happens more and more often. At Spessartbrett the story begins in nature, in the forest, quite simply. The wood is cut by forest workers, then comes the saw frame before the boards are carefully dried. In the carpenter's workshop, the boards are sawn, planed, sanded and given the appropriate final sanding in the classic craft. Then each Spessart board is given an individual number, hammered in by hand. And we plant a tree. That's right, for each board we plant an oak, and this oak gets the same number as a board. And then the Spessart boards go on their journey to the customers, a good cycle. 

Simply beautiful. Just weird.

The slant.

There is beauty in simplicity. Our "Sylvan" board is unfussy, straight, simple. And has slanted edges.
Good for a long life, with you.

Whether for breakfast, vespers or as a cheese and fruit board, the "Sylvan" has enough space.

  • Model Sylvan approx: 300 x 150 x 19mm
  • Each Spessart board receives an individual number, struck by hand with punch numbers.
  • Surface: Finely sanded and 2-times pre-treated with linseed oil

Each board is unique.

Spessart board number

With us you buy unique pieces. Unique pieces.
Each Spessart board is given a number. This number is punched in by hand. It doesn't have to be, but it gives us pleasure, and I'm sure it gives you pleasure too, doesn't it? But there is another reason for the number. For every board sold, we plant an oak tree.
We take from nature, we give to nature. So the cycle opens and closes.
And every tree gets the number of the board.


The thing about trees. How we take from nature, and how we give back.

Spessart board sprout

Spessart board banderole tree

We are grateful that we get from nature. And, that we can turn away from plastic, cheap products, low-wage production, and rainforest clearing. Since we do everything as naturally as possible, the cycle begins in an oak forest. There we give the trees time to germinate and develop. And there they already get "their number". In order to prevent browsing by game and other influences, we give the trees about a year before we move them to their final location. This is either in the wild, in reforestations, or on one of our forest plots.

Each board comes with care instructions. However, so that you can find out what real wood boards like, or don't like, before you buy, we have our care tips for you to download here . Or feel free to watch the YouTube video on this. Easily found here on the "YouTube Video" tab.

Material: Beech, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Wood
Gifts: Ja
Shipping weight: 0,65 kg
Manufacturer: HA-SAV GmbH
Made in: EU (Germany)
brand: Spessartbrett
Available downloads:

Manufacturer contact:  Spessartbrett HA-SAV GmbH, Bahnhofstr.12, 97840 Hafenlohr



We like to work with our hands. The selection of woods for our products is the first step, an important one.

The products take shape step by step and are often touched, edited, examined and tested. With us "nothing falls out of the machine" and "nothing is sent directly".

Alone the perception of the smells, the different woods. Try it yourself: cherry, oak and nut ... smell in the woods, trees and woods. The different weights and hardnesses of the woods, the processing of these (in the relatively soft cherry you have to pay much more attention with the stroke numbers, such as the hard beech).

From the purchase of wood to processing and shipping. It is a great pleasure for us to see and feel the whole process.

And because we plant an oak tree for every sold board, it completes the whole experience even better. We take and we give. And you can experience a very good time, inside and outside.



Our claim was, is and remains, quality. Good quality. 

For us this means solid wood, sustainability, and long pleasure for our customers with our products.

Like us humans, our products age, and that's where the beauty and the good lies: we mature. 

Everyone can throw away, and this is unfortunately practiced too often. Hardly anyone repairs more, constantly new is bought.

A customer buys for use, which one is this, the customer determines himself. We offer the benefit that our products are stable, robust and natural. And that solid wood gets an even more beautiful character with age. If it gets a quirk, you can bring everything back with no problems with some sandpaper and oil.



For many years, the idea (this would go beyond the scope here, but we will take a little shorter ...) on quality and sustainability matured. To create things with the hands and to drive them out.

A joinery / wood mechanic apprenticeship 30 years ago probably set the foundation for the Spessart board.

Collaboration with a joinery company in the Spessart, which has existed for over 100 years and is now friends and partners, was probably a coincidence.

Hand in hand, the Spessart board was created based on experience, tradition and looking to the future.


 Made in Germany, Spessart. 

Production of samples : Maintenance of Spessart boards: watering, grinding and oiling... mehr

Production of samples:

Maintenance of Spessart boards: watering, grinding and oiling:

Photo day at Spessartbrett:

The number goes on the Spessart board:

View into the Spessart:

During the work (beating, grinding) a Spessart board is created:

Behind the scenes of Spessartbrett: one tree for each board:


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