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NUK Babybürste mit Kamm in Pink
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NUK baby brush with comb - For the daily hair care of babies and toddlers Brush with... more

NUK baby brush with comb - For the daily hair care of babies and toddlers

  • Brush with soft bristles made of 100% natural hair
  • Comb with rounded tips to protect the scalp
  • Available in two attractive colours

Would you like to use a brush made of natural hair for the care of your baby? The NUK baby brush consists of 100% natural hair for a soft and natural feeling. The comb has rounded tips and protects the delicate scalp. Thanks to its handy shape, the comb and brush lie securely in the hand. The brush and comb set is deliberately designed for the daily hair care of babies and toddlers and is available in three attractive colours.

The scalp is still sensitive in the first months of life. Parents should therefore use special baby brushes and combs to care for their babies. Even if the hair is still sparse, the little ones enjoy a head massage with a soft brush and get used to the daily care ritual.

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Manufacturer: MAPA GmbH
brand: NUK
care products: facial
Manufacturer address: MAPA GmbH, Industriestrasse 21-25, D-27404 Zeven

Manufacturer contact  MAPA GmbH,   Industriestrasse 21-25,   D-27404 Zeven

NUK is a trademark of MAPA GmbH, based in Zeven, Germany, which belongs to the American Jarden Corporation. In 1956 Hanseatische Gummiwarenfabrik GmbH (since 1969 MAPA GmbH) introduced the NUK vacuum cleaner. Since then, the brand NUK exists. The letters were originally for "natural and Kiefergerecht".

"Because this little life is  the greatest thing  in our lives."

NUK. Understand life.

NUK philosophy - understanding life

Understanding life - what does that mean? For us at NUK, this means keeping in close contact with experts who are important to the healthy development of a new life: midwives, doctors, nutritionists and, of course, you, the parents. The best ideas we look for from nature: It is, for example, a model for the typical shape of our pacifiers and teat, which resemble the mother's breast when breastfeeding.

Above all, understanding life means paying attention to the needs of the people most important to us: children. We explore their different stages of development at any age and adapt our NUK products accordingly. All NUK products build on each other - so you can always be sure to do the right thing for your child. From the beginning.

Children understand

Children understand

From birth to kindergarten.

They are just in the world trying to tell us what they need: babies. We want to understand from the first day of life, what these little people need:  
A three-month-old baby has different needs than an eight-month-old child, who is currently fighting with the first little teeth. Only when we examine each stage of development and understand exactly, we can give babies and children the right thing at any time. Our products build on each other and grow with them - from birth to kindergarten age. The nicest thing about our work: with every child born, we learn from NUK. Since our company was founded in 1956, more than 50 million children have been born in Germany - and we are pleased that many of their parents have trusted and still trust in NUK products.

Understand parents

Understand parents

And everyday life suddenly becomes an adventure.

Children turn everything upside down. And new parents in front of a thousand new questions. We know that and want to help parents with their new task. With products that help children in their healthy development and make everyday life easier for mothers and fathers. With helpful services. And with downloads that provide worth knowing and entertaining information for you. On our advice and help pages, you'll find all the content sorted by life stages as well as expert interviews, where midwives, doctors and nutritionists answer frequently asked questions. Do you have a personal question or suggestion? Call us or write an e-mail! The contact details can be found on every page of the NUK website at the bottom.

Experts understand

Experts understand

Until all agree.

From the first idea to the finished NUK product, we take a lot of time: 
How does  the idea become a perfect solution for babies and mothers? Midwives, paediatricians, dentists, nutritionists and, of course, parents know the needs of babies and children. We use their knowledge and experience to think about new products and services or to make existing ones even better. Our quality inspectors also ensure that NUK products come to the baby shelves with exactly the high quality that NUK has been standing for for 60 years.

Understand nature


Understand nature

The basis of the NUK brand.

The best tips and ideas in the development of our products gives us the nature. And let's take a closer look: For example, 60 years ago, we discovered that the breast of the breast perfectly adapts to the baby's mouth during breastfeeding - and develops the first asymmetrical teat after this model. It is shaped to fit the jaw, supports the development of the entire oral cavity and counteracts tooth and jaw malpositions. So suckers and pacifiers not only soothe babies, but also their parents.

Alle Informationen zum BPA-freien Sortiment von NUK Unser Qualitätsanspruch zeigt sich in... mehr

Alle Informationen zum BPA-freien Sortiment von NUK

Unser Qualitätsanspruch zeigt sich in der kompromisslosen Auswahl von Rohstoffen, in der Produktsicherheit, Umweltverträglichkeit und in permanenten Qualitätskontrollen. Angepasst an eigene Untersuchungen und wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse optimiert NUK sein Produktsortiment regelmäßig. Deshalb wurde schon deutlich vor dem gesetzlichen Verbot für unsere Flaschenproduktion auf den Einsatz des BPA-haltigen Polycarbonat (PC) verzichtet. Was Sie zum Thema wissen müssen, finden Sie hier.

Was ist BPA?

Die Abkürzung BPA steht für Bisphenol A. BPA ist ein Inhaltsstoff des Kunststoffes Polycarbonat (PC), den wir täglich benutzen, z.B. im Umgang mit Plastiktüten, Lebensmittelverpackungen, aber auch Mobiltelefonen, CDs und Sonnenbrillen, Klebstoffen und Nagellack.

Warum ist BPA in die Kritik geraten?

Während BPA bis zur Jahrtausendwende weitestgehend unbeachtet in der Produktion des Kunststoffs PC verwendet wurde, begann seit den 2000er Jahren eine Diskussion unter Medizinern und Wissenschaftlern über die Wirkungen von BPA auf lebende Organismen. Die Studienlage war nicht einheitlich und wurde daher in unterschiedlichen Ländern und von verschiedenen Instituten sehr widersprüchlich bewertet. Eine öffentliche Debatte nahm die kritischen Einschätzungen auf und machte BPA zu einem vieldiskutierten Thema in den Medien. 

Als vielfach für seine Qualitätsprodukte ausgezeichneter Marktführer hat NUK langjährige Erfahrung mit Babyflaschen aus BPA-freien Materialien wie zum Beispiel Glas oder Polypropylen (PP). Durch den vollständigen Verzicht auf BPA gab NUK den Eltern bereits frühzeitig ein Stück Sicherheit zurück. Am 1. Juni 2011 trat das Verbot in Kraft, BPA-haltige Babyartikel in der EU herzustellen und zu vertreiben. NUK verzichtete bereits lange vor der Forderung der EU auf BPA-haltige Flaschen aus Polycarbonat und konnte seine Babyprodukte daher schon Jahre vor dem endgültigen Verbot als „BPA free“ kennzeichnen.

Wie schätzen die Behörden die Gefahren durch BPA ein?

Zuständige Behörden wie die Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit (EFSA) oder das deutsche Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR) äußern sich zum Thema BPA auf ihren Internetseiten:

Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit (EFSA)

Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR):

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