Scio Bad Aiblinger Moorkissen neck pillow 53 x 18 cm, 1400g

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  • Please do not heat higher than 50°C! Do not heat in the oven!
Fresh from the Bad Aiblinger Moor in Bavaria for heat and cold therapy Thermocushion for... more

Scio Natural Moor Care

Fresh from the Bad Aiblinger Moor in Bavaria for heat and cold therapy

Thermocushion for local heat and cold therapy to support the treatment of rheumatic complaints, joint and back pain, menstrual pain.

The moor has many extraordinary properties. One of the most important is the ability to store heat or cold over a long period of time and release it very slowly. In contrast to other materials such as water, thermogel or fango, natural moor can store heat much longer and release it more slowly.

In the case of complaints caused by signs of wear and tear, the heat relieves the pain, promotes blood circulation and thus the supply of nutrients to the cells and joints. The long-lasting heat release loosens and relaxes the hardened muscles.

Bad Aiblinger Moorkissen is a thermal cushion for local heat and cold therapy that effectively supports the treatment of tension in the neck area, back pain and joint problems, menstrual cramps, rheumatic complaints, lumbago, sciatica, sprains and bruises.

Cushion Herbaria ScioHandmade for you

Before processing, the freshly cut Bad Aiblinger Moor is cleaned of stones and smaller branches. The cleaned moor is enriched with water and stirred into an airy paste. Then the pulp is filled by hand into the cuddly foil and welded. The increased air entrapment increases the storage and release capacity of heat or cold.

Who or what is "Scio"?

SCIO (= I know) from lat. scire means knowledge, understanding, ability.

We at Scio see ourselves as a service provider for health and the environment. Our extensive knowledge of phytotherapy has been flowing into the development of bioactive formulations for decades. We combine traditional knowledge about the use of plants, herbs and minerals from Europe with positive experiences from other cultures. Our goal is to offer natural health products that support many situations in life.

Ensuring the best and most consistent quality for our products is a basic prerequisite that we fulfil through first-class raw materials and careful treatment of people and nature. Our expertise also flows into the sustainable use of resources and the use of new technologies during production.

Our contribution to the environment

  • Produced according to the requirements of controlled natural cosmetics, free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, mineral oil derivatives and PEG (polyethylene glycol).
  • Packaging such as aluminium tubes and tubes with an airfill system enable optimum emptying of residual material and recycling of resources. When pressure is applied to the tube, no air is sucked in. This ensures a higher stability of the contents (less germination than with filling in a crucible).
  • We use certified FSCMix paper that comes from sustainable forestry.
  • Our products can be completely disposed of.

Scio Natural Moor Bad Aibling

Information about the natural moor

The natural moor has been used medically for about 200 years. The black peat of the raised bogs has developed for the most part from formerly organic substances, such as plants, and is therapeutically more effective than white peat.

Bad Aiblinger Heilmoor, which has been balneologically examined, is mainly used for the supportive treatment of rheumatic complaints, back pain, joint pain and tension. Helpful ingredients such as useful humic acid penetrate intensively into the skin during bog therapy. Moor provides plenty of moisture and cares for irritated and sensitive skin. The bog ingredients have an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. Overall, Moor has physical, biochemical and thermal applications. Mineral substances such as fango can therefore never achieve the effect of natural moor.

The renaturation of the moorland areas in the Bad Aiblinger mining areas has been an ongoing process for many years. Used bathing moor is returned to nature and the mixed water is discharged via a filter system. Moors are also valuable carbon and nutrient reducers. They reduce the gases relevant to our climate such as CO2, methane and nitrogen oxides. After only a few years, the original vegetation, such as birch and pine forests, heather or cotton grass, develops again on these areas.

Filling quantity (weight): 1400g
Shipping weight: 1,7 kg
Gifts: Yes
Made in: EU (Germany)
Manufacturer: Herbaria
brand: Herbaria, Scio
Dimensions HxWxD (circa): 53x18 cm
care products: Heat and cold therapy, Natural moor cushions
product group: medical device, thermal cushions
Zielgruppe: Adults
Available downloads:

Manufacturer contact: Herbaria Kräuterparadies GmbH, Hagnbergstraße 12, 83730 Fischbachau, Germany / SALUS Haus Dr. med. med. Otto Greither Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG, Bahnhofstr. 24, 83052 Bruckmuehl, Germany

The Herbaria herbal paradise GmbH is one of the first suppliers of the health food scene and active founding members of the first federal association Naturkost Naturwaren e. V. (BNN). Even today, natural food stores and organic markets are among our main customers, but also the delicatessen, ecological re-processors and the gastronomy appreciate the high-quality Herbaria products for many years. Since February 2006, we have been one of the few providers of gourmet products in the organic sector that combine high-quality nutrition and high culinary demands with the "Organic Gourmet" spice line.

Well over 200 Herbaria products can be found nationwide in over 4,000 health food stores and health food stores. The medium-sized company currently has 27 employees, the management of Herbaria is in the hands of owner Otto Greither and Erwin Winkler (CEO).

It is very important for us to make consumers aware that the organic market is an individual rather than a mass market. We maintain relationships with smallholder producers in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.


Herbaria: herbal knowledge since 1919

The company Herbaria was founded in 1919 as a herbal company for the production of remedies. Herbaria branded products in the field of remedies such as Eva Aschenbrenner's 6 tea, a wide range of herbal teas and Herbasana natural products are based on a long tradition and a great deal of experience, and can be found in all organic stores.

From 1981, the Herbaria supplies the first health food stores as a specialist for organic teas, herbs and spices. In 1987, the company became active as a founding member of the first federal association Naturkost Naturwaren e. V. (BNN) and continues to develop it to this day. The common concern is: "Healthy, wholesome and natural foods". The extremely strict guidelines of the association take into account not only the ecological cultivation, but also an environmentally friendly, careful and as little as possible processing of the raw materials.

Due to a steadily growing demand for the well-known and proven organic products from Herbaria, the Upper Bavarian company on Lake Schliersee needs more and more space. The move to Fischbachau at the foot of the Wendelstein in the larger premises of a former bread factory finally took place in 2000.


Active environmental protection

With the production of food and the purchase of organically produced products, we and our customers assume long-term responsibility for the nature and climate of our earth. We support sustainable forms of cultivation and processing that conserve natural cycles, conserve the resources of soil, water and energy and promote biodiversity.


Our products bear the organic seal of the European Union. A proven, transparent and verifiable quality is thus the characteristic of our ecologically produced products. This includes, for example, the principal exclusion of irradiated or genetically modified raw materials and the complete abandonment of chemical preservatives. As co-founder and committed member of the Federal Association of Natural Food Natural Products e. V. (BNN), however, our company's strict quality criteria are far above the legal standards.

Moor: a pure natural product Moor - an old natural raw material with a variety... mehr

Natural moor Bad Aibling

Moor: a pure natural product

Moor - an old natural raw material with a variety of applications has been shaping people's health consciousness for many years. Around Bad Aibling, the oldest moor spa in Bavaria, is one of the largest and healthiest growing upland moor areas in Germany.

All moors in Germany are under strict nature protection. They are a unique habitat for many rare plants and animals. Typical moorland landscapes are characterised by birches, sundew, peat moss, bulrushes as well as rare dragonflies and frog species. From a scientific point of view, the term moor refers to the entire wetland landscape, while the raw material extracted from it is called peat. In colloquial language, however, the healing natural substance is also referred to as moor.

A good moor needs its time...

Most of the moors still preserved today have their origin in the post-glacial period, i.e. about 10,000 years ago. The melted ice left behind large wetlands in which dead plant remains developed into peat. The "Koller Filzen" in Bad Aibling is one of the largest intact raised bog areas in Germany. The valuable natural substance has been used for bog applications since 1838. Only the valuable black peat is used, which means the lower black-brown layers of the moor.

Renaturation of moorland areas

Due to the extreme conditions with permanent waterlogging, acidic soil water and nutrient poverty, almost only sensitive plant or animal specialists - including many endangered Red List species - can survive.
Many plants, such as Spirke (commonly known as Moor Mountain Pine), Woolgrass and Swamphaarstrang or the "carnivorous" sundew only occur here. In addition, vipers or dragonflies, e.g. the great moss dragonfly and the high moorland dragonfly, use the moor as habitat. Unfortunately, however, there are many exploited moors that have lost their value for nature as a habitat for certain animal species and as carbon sinks.

That is why we see it as our responsibility to protect our moorland and to manage it sustainably. More than 150 moors are being renaturalized throughout Bavaria. In this way, we also promote the renaturation of our moorland area, thereby restoring the nutrient-poor conditions and continuously wetting the moorland areas. In this way, we ensure that the moor will also be preserved in the future as a valuable cultural landscape and raw material resource.

Scio Bad Aiblinger Moorlands

Moor medicine has tradition

In former times moor applications were a privilege of the aristocracy. Only a few had the opportunity to enjoy the health-promoting properties of the moor. At the beginning of the 19th century, moor spas such as Bad Aibling were established, which still enjoy great popularity today. Moor therapy is no longer a privilege of the aristocracy - anyone can take the Scio® Bad Aiblinger Moor products home and use them comfortably. Moor cushions in various sizes are available for heat or cold therapy.

Especially valuable: Humic acid

Many bog applications not only make use of the excellent thermal properties, but also allow the ingredients of the bog to act on the organism. The substances that are produced during humification, i.e. during the transformation of the plant components in the bog, play an important role in this process. In the absence of air, plant residues, including many medicinal herbs, develop into bog, which can therefore be imagined as a kind of concentrate made up of plant components that have an effect on health. With bog compresses, bog bath additives and bog ointments, the active substances of the bog can be absorbed directly through the skin. Among other things, the natural humic acid is said to have the anti-inflammatory properties of the mire.

The variety of application areas

Moor can be used as a sole therapy or as a complementary treatment measure for a large number of symptoms. In diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as joint and back pain, rheumatism or osteoarthritis, but also in skin diseases, gynaecological disorders and diseases of the internal organs, the applications have a pain-relieving effect and stimulate the healing process.

Application as a cold pillow - for cold therapy: Application as heat cushion - for heat... mehr

Application as a cold pillow - for cold therapy:

Application as heat cushion - for heat therapy:

instruction manual warm application Warm application is used for chronic pain and... mehr

instruction manual

Warm application Sciowarm application

Warm application is used for chronic pain and relaxation, e.g. muscle tension, back pain, degenerative joint diseases (e.g. arthrosis) or menstrual pain.

Please do not heat higher than 50 °C! Do not heat in the oven!

The optimum initial temperature is between 45 and 50 °C.
Before use, check the temperature with the back of your hand for compatibility.
For higher temperatures, please enclose a towel.
Heating at excessively high temperatures or touching hot metal parts will destroy the film.


  • In the water bath
    • Heat water to boiling point in a pot of household size.
    • Remove the pot from the heat.
    • Insert a long, narrow object (e.g. a cooking spoon) through the flap of the moor cushion to prevent the moor cushion from sinking completely into the water.
    • Hang the moor cushion in the water, the moor cushion can be folded.
    • Depending on the size of the moor cushion and the user's sense of warmth, remove after 10 to 15 minutes, dry and place on the body region to be treated.
    • Alternatively: Heat water in a kettle and pour into a pot. Put in a moor cushion and let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • In the microwave Note
    : Heating in the microwave leads to a reduction in service life.
    • Place the bog cushion, folded if necessary, in the microwave.
    • Set the microwave to a maximum of 600 watts.
    • Set the microwave to a maximum of 4 minutes.

Application time for warm application: Until it cools down to body temperature.

cold applicationCold application:

Cold application should be used for acute pain and inflammation, e.g. sprains, bruises or acute inflammatory joint processes.

Don't put it in the freezer!

The optimum initial temperature is between + 3 °C and + 6 °C.
For lower temperatures, please put a towel underneath.


Put the moor cushions in the fridge for at least an hour.

Application duration for cold application: Until warming up to body temperature, but a maximum of twenty minutes in connection.

Schafi's tip

Storage: Keep your Moor cushion in its original packaging if possible. Store it in a cool place protected from light.

If used correctly, the moor cushion can be used for approx. 2 years after the date of manufacture due to the durability of the film!

Would you like to lie on your moor cushion? Please note that some materials of upholstered furniture do not tolerate heat and cold well. Protect your upholstered furniture with a towel or blanket in between.

Status of the instruction manual: February 2017

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