Anti Brumm Kids Spray 150ml

Anti Brumm Kids Spray
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  • Along with DEET, Icaridin is one of the most effective insect repellents and is characterized by good skin tolerance
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  • Always read label and product information before use.
Anti Brumm ®  Kids Sensitive: Reliable mosquito and tick protection especially for... more

Family in nature

Anti Brumm® Kids Sensitive: Reliable mosquito and tick protection especially for children from 1 year of age

Little explorers love to spend time outdoors. There is nothing more exciting than exploring forests and meadows - on vacation as well as at home. To prevent mosquito and tick bites from spoiling the experience of nature, suitable insect repellent is essential. 

Anti Brumm®  Kids Sensitive provides long-lasting protection against ticks as well as domestic and tropical mosquitoes. The insect repellent is suitable for children from 1 year of age and can also be used on sensitive skin. 

Anti Brumm®  Kids Sensitive contains the established active ingredient Icaridin. This makes the repellent not only a safe but also a particularly skin-friendly mosquito spray. 

Icaridin is one of the active ingredients suitable for use in tropical regions. No wonder Anti Brumm®  Kids Sensitive is also recommended by the Swiss Tropical Institute .

The advantages of Anti Brumm® Kids Sensitive at a glance:

  • Suitable for children from 1 year of age
  • Up to 8 hours protection against domestic and tropical mosquitoes
  • Up to 8 hours protection against ticks
  • Contains 10 % Icaridin - the active ingredient recommended by the WHO, which also protects against tropical mosquitoes
  • Good skin tolerance - dermatologically tested. The active ingredient Icaridin can be applied even on sensitive skin
  • Can also be applied to clothing
  • Can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding after consulting a doctor
  • Pleasant, discreet fragrance
  • Tested and recommended by the Swiss Tropical Institute

 How Anti Brumm protects®  Kids Sensitive:

Anti Brumm® Kids Sensitive contains the active ingredient Icaridin. The ingredient protects against native and tropical mosquitoes, but also keeps ticks away particularly effectively. This effect is based on the invisible scent coat that the spray forms on the skin.

Good to know: Along with DEET, icaridin is one of the most effective insect repellents and is characterized by good skin compatibility

Füllmenge (Volumen): 150 ml
Language Manual: German
Language box: German
drug: No
age group: from 1 year
Shipping weight: 0,25 kg
Manufacturer: Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH
Made in: EU
product group: Insect spray
brand: Anti Brumm
care products: Insect repellent
Target group: child
Manufacturer address: Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH, Georg-Kalb-Str. 5-8, 82049 Großhesselohe / München, Deutschland

Manufacturer contact: Hermes Arzneimittel GmbH, Georg-Kalb-Straße 5-8, 82049 Großhesselohe, Germany.

Anti Brumm® - Protection against mosquitoes and ticks

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Anti Brumm is a well-known insect repellent brand that specialises in developing highly effective products to ward off pesky insects. With many years of experience and a strong focus on quality and effectiveness, Anti Brumm has established itself as a trusted brand that protects people in different regions from the unpleasant effects of insect bites.

The Anti Brumm brand belongs to chemischen Industrie München GmbH (CIM), a company based in Germany that specialises in the development and production of insect repellents. Since its inception, Anti Brumm has become one of the best-known brands of insect repellents and enjoys an excellent reputation for its effective formulations and commitment to safety.

Anti Brumm's product range includes various formulations of insect repellents, including sprays, creams, gels and lotions. These products contain active ingredients such as DEET (diethyltoluamide) or icaridin, which are known to repel insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and flies. Anti Brumm products offer reliable protection against insect bites and the associated risks such as itching and infections.

Anti Brumm is committed to developing products that are not only effective, but also kind to the skin. The brand takes care to select ingredients that minimise the risk of skin irritation and conducts extensive testing to ensure the safety of its products.

The Anti Brumm brand also follows environmentally conscious principles and is committed to sustainability. The company strives to produce products that minimise environmental impact while providing effective protection. This includes developing products that are biodegradable and have less negative impact on the environment.

Anti Brumm has made a name for itself by helping people enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects. With their experience, effectiveness and commitment to safety and sustainability, Anti Brumm remains a trusted choice for people seeking effective protection from insects.

Ingredients : Icaridin 10 g/100 g mehr
Ingredients Ingredients:
Icaridin 10 g/100 g
Application instructions Spray uncovered areas of skin with Anti Brumm ®  Kids... mehr

Application instructions

Spray uncovered areas of skin with Anti Brumm® Kids Sensitive and spread the spray evenly over the entire area. In addition, you can also spray the product on clothing

Observe the following instructions:

  • For children 1 year and older, use sparingly and do not apply all over the body.
  • Do not apply to wounds and mucous membranes. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
  • For use on the face, spray the spray onto the palms of the hands and gently spread over the face. Avoid the mouth and eye area.
  • Apply the product up to twice a day if necessary. Reapplication is recommended especially after heavy sweating or bathing (Anti Brumm® Kids Sensitive is not waterproof).
  • If using a sunscreen at the same time: apply the spray at the earliest 30 minutes after applying the sunscreen.
  • Please also follow the application instructions on the package.
  • Use repellents with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

After consultation with a physician, use during pregnancy may be possible in areas where there is a risk of insect-borne diseases. Based on previous experience, there is no known risk when used as directed during pregnancy.

What makes children's skin so sensitive:

Children's skin is much thinner and more sensitive than adult skin. Substances that come into contact with the skin therefore reach deeper skin layers more easily. That is why Anti Brumm® Kids Sensitive contains the active ingredient Icaridin, most of which remains on the surface of the skin and is particularly kind to the skin.

Why insect protection is so important:

Biting species of mosquitoes can not only leave behind terribly itchy skin areas that easily become inflamed. In certain regions, they also transmit dangerous diseases such as malaria or yellow fever. In Germany and numerous other countries, ticks are also a problem: they often carry pathogens that can trigger TBE and Lyme disease. This makes effective protection all the more important.


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