Hipp baby soft extra soft diapers Midi 3, size 62-80, 6-10kg

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Perfect fit for your baby - clothing size 62-80 / 6-10kg Special skin compatibility due... more

Banner Hipp Baby Soft Diapers

Hipp Baby Soft DiapersPerfect fit for your baby - clothing size 62-80 / 6-10kg

Special skin compatibility due to unique softness and avoidance of unwanted substances. We have incorporated all our knowledge about the needs of babies' skin and an optimal use on the changing table, but also on the way for "just quickly" change the diaper, into our new diaper concept. With the following 6 highlights you will notice one thing: we at Hipp have thought hard until we developed our perfect diapers - everything to make your everyday life as beautiful as possible for you and your little sunshine. No stress due to a badly fitting, smelly, uncomfortable diaper. But read for yourself what the highlights of our new diapers are:

  • extra soft and breathable: ideal for sensitive baby skin.
  • free of unwanted substances: developed to minimize skin irritations from the beginning.
  • optimum fit: innovative fit closure keeps the diaper in place at every point.
  • keeps dry reliably: day and night up to 12 hours.
  • produced in Germany: resource-saving, climate-friendly and sustainable.

The right diaper size for your little darling:

The extra soft HiPP diapers are available in sizes 1-5. In addition, we also indicate the size of the garment. If you vary between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the smaller size.

Hipp 0% perfume and lotion

Free of:
Perfume and LotionChlor
(TCF - totally chlorine-free bleached)
Natural Latex

97% of the children tolerated Hipp Babysanft diapers well or very well * * 193 parents

Hipp fit closure

snug fit
for flexible adaptation to legs and belly. Innovative lattice hooks adhere to every part of the diaper surface.

95% of mothers rated the fit of the diapers as good or very good * * 193 parents
tested the diapers

Hipp Softness

Extra soft and breathable

97% of the mothers rated the softness of the inside of the diaper good btw. very good ** 193 parents
tested the diapers

Hipp Balance Channels

Balance channels:
Ideal moisture management for a pleasant wearing comfort with
sizes 3-5

    Hipp dryness

extra long suction core* - safe and protected for up to 12 hours.
* long suction core for sizes 3-5


Schafi on sustainability and the renunciation of additives:

Blue Angel Hipp_Diapers_Sustainability FSC
Sustainability has a high priority in the development of all our products. Therefore not only the pulp of our diapers is obtained from sustainable sources, but also the packaging consists of up to 40% recycled plastic. In order to ensure the continued existence of your little ones and all future generations, we also rely on the use of renewable energies, pulp from FSC-certified sources and the renunciation of genetic engineering for HiPP diapers.
clothing size: 62-80
Baby weight (kg): 6-10
Filling quantity (piece): 108
diaper size: Size 3
Shipping weight: 3 kg
Manufacturer: Hipp
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: diapers
brand: Hipp
care products: Disposable diaper
Target group: Baby
Manufacturer address: Hipp GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG, Georg-Hipp-Str. 7, 85276 Pfaffenhofen (Ilm), Deutschland

Manufacturer contact: Hipp GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG, 85276 Pfaffenhofen


Taking the baby into the limelight carries a great deal of responsibility, which is 
why our organic products are of a very special quality and are GM-free according to the EU Organic Regulation. "


What began over 60 years ago with organic farming is practiced in all areas of the company: the careful use of the environment and natural resources, a respectful togetherness and the highest quality. All of these are requirements that HiPP has grown and that are closely associated with the name HiPP.

Sustainability as a corporate philosophy
Sustainability is the balanced balance between the three dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues. Sustainability is not a hot topic for HiPP. As a manufacturer of baby food, HiPP has special responsibility for future generations. HiPP has been committed to organic farming for 60 years and, as a pioneer, has shaped sustainable standards. Sustainability management keeps an eye on the company as a whole and the entire value chain. Long-term orientation of entrepreneurial activity, careful use of natural resources and social interaction are the key ethical principles followed by HiPP.

HiPP is "excellent"! 
The involvement of HiPP has received many awards. The great trust of consumers and the public, which is documented in these recognitions, is both a great honor and a commitment for the baby food manufacturer. The company's claim is to continue meeting these expectations.

  • Minister of the Environment awards HiPP the Ökologia Prize 2017

    Since 2002, the Ökologia Prize has been awarded to companies or entrepreneurs who have committed themselves through particularly exemplary projects in favor of ecology and contributed to the realization of the desired ecological and social market economy. On October 19, 2017, Claus Hipp received the award from the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of the Environment Ulrike Höfken in Mainz. 

    "From today's perspective, of course, many of what Claus Hipp did, of course, but 50 years ago, this was all new. In times of industrialization and chemical agriculture, Claus Hipp had already set a counter - trend here, created a different model of thinking and thus hit the nerve of the coming decades to this day ", said the Minister, handing the prize over in her function as" Ecologia Ambassador of the Ecology 2017 "together with Hans-Joachim Ritter. The Chairman of the Foundation for Ecology and Democracy said in his speech: "Claus Hipp is a pioneer of ecological awareness in agriculture and society, a shining example of an entrepreneurial personality, 

    previous awards:
  • dvi honors Prof. Dr. med. Claus Hipp with the Dieter Berndt Prize
  • German CSR Award 2017 goes to HiPP
  • EMAS environmental management 2016
  • Climate Protection Award 2015
  • 2015 "Customer favorite"
  • WirtschaftsWoche named HiPP the most sustainable company
  • 2014 "Honorary Querden Award"
  • First place in the image ranking of WirtschaftsWoche
  • CSR Award of the Federal Government
  • German Sustainability Award of the Federal Government 2012
  • FAUN category responsibility and sustainability
  • Bavarian Family Contractor Award 2012
  • German solar price
  • Honoring for Umweltpakt Bayern
  • Econosophen
  • Pro Biokultura
  • Steiger Award in the category Environment
  • German Sustainability Award
  • Environmental Award "Golden Flower of Rheydt"

Focus on the human being -  
social and social responsibility

For HiPP, social responsibility is the essential basis for successful entrepreneurial action. This is reflected not only in the sustainable measures of personnel management, but also distinguishes the diverse social commitment in solidarity with people in need: HiPP helps young families with multiple births and regularly donates for the non-profit organization "Münchener Tafel e. V. ". Also auxiliary transport of Caritas in crisis areas supports HiPP. For the exemplary assumption of social responsibility HiPP 2013 received the first prize of the German Federal Government for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Appreciation and trust

Since 1999, the company has its own ethics charter based on responsibility to people, nature and the environment. Central concerns are fair competition and the respectful treatment of business partners, suppliers, customers and employees. HiPP recognizes that a perfect and harmonious alignment of our goals with our actions is a constant challenge. We want to face this and continuously improve ourselves in this process

Optimal working environment

Coachings and qualification offers, targeted trainings and training as well as performance-related assessments and compensation are key instruments of HR policy at HiPP. As part of sustainability management, regular sustainability training is also carried out.

As a family-friendly company, HiPP promotes the compatibility of family and work. Almost every department has different working models with flexible working hours, which give parents better career development opportunities. In Pfaffenhofen alone, 200 individual models and flextime variants without core time are used. The fact that the workforce feels comfortable is shown by the comparatively long periods of service.

health Management

The health and well-being of employees is the highest asset of a company. Those who feel comfortable feel more quality of life, are happier, more balanced and also more committed. Occupational health management is becoming more and more important as a component of HR, quality and sustainability management. Occupational pensions, high standards of occupational safety and health, action days for health, fitness and sports activities promote the well-being of our workforce. Organic food, regional food and allergen management round out the commitment in the company restaurant. So vegetarian and vegan dishes are also firmly integrated into the diet.

youth development

Education and training are the most important investments for the future. HiPP offers a variety of qualifications: from classical apprenticeship through dual study to trainee. The training is very practical and therefore above average in the care. Our trainees have the opportunity to get to know our commitment to sustainability in voluntary environmental actions.

HiPP is international

Employees from over 20 different nations work at HiPP. We are especially proud of this cultural diversity. It enriches the corporate culture and strengthens our successful presence in the global environment.

Im Stehen wickeln: Die besten Tipps fürs Wickeln älterer Kinder Viele Eltern kennen... mehr

Im Stehen wickeln: Die besten Tipps fürs Wickeln älterer Kinder

Viele Eltern kennen vermutlich das Problem: Je älter, größer und schwerer Kinder werden, desto schwieriger gestaltet sich das Wickeln. Sie sind mobiler, haben meist auch weniger Lust sich ruhig auf den Rücken zu legen und der Windelwechsel wird zu einer wahren Herausforderung. Gerade bei älteren Kindern ist Wickeln im Stehen daher eine beliebte Methode.

Beim Wickeln im Stehen sollte das Baby immer auf dem Boden stehen, da die Gefahr vom Wickeltisch zu fallen sonst zu groß ist. Für eine bessere Stabilität muss sich das Baby irgendwo festhalten können. Hierfür kann z.B. ein Stuhl, eine Kommode, ein Sofa oder auch der Badewannenrand dienen. Wenn zusätzlich noch ein Spielzeug vorhanden ist, kann dieses zur Ablenkung der Kleinen genützt werden.

Wickeln im Stehen ist keine Hexerei und gelingt mit unseren Tipps im Handumdrehen.

  1. Bevor Sie mit dem Wickeln beginnen, sollte das wichtigste Wickel-Zubehör griffbereit sein.
  2. Ziehen Sie Hosen und Strumpfhosen Ihres Kindes aus. Der Body wird geöffnet und über der Schulter zusammengeknöpft. So vermeidet man, dass die Klamotten im Weg sind oder schmutzig werden.
  3. Nachdem die Windel entfernt wurde, sollte sie offen auf den Boden gelegt werden, damit man die Feuchttücher nach dem Abputzen mit reinlegen und zusammen entsorgen kann.
  4. Der Po des Babys gehört möglichst schnell gesäubert, bevor sich das Kind mit dem schmutzigen Po hinsetzen kann.
  5. Die geöffnete Windel wird am einfachsten auf Ihrem aufgestellten Oberschenkel ausgebreitet, sodass das Rückenteil zu Ihrem Bauch zeigt.
  6. Nehmen Sie dann Ihr Kind und setzen Sie es in die Mitte der neuen Windel auf Ihrem Oberschenkel.
  7. Danach wird der vordere Teil der Windel nach oben gefaltet und mit der Hand auf den Bauch des Kindes gedrückt. Achten Sie dabei darauf, dass Sie Ihr Kind gut festhalten, damit es nicht von Ihrem Oberschenkel fällt.
  8. Jetzt können nacheinander die Klebestreifen an den richtigen Stellen der Windel fixiert werden und schon ist das Wickeln in Stehen geschafft.

Alternativ zu der vorgestellten Wickel-Methode, können Sie sich auch hinter Ihr Kind stellen und die neue Windeln an den Po anlegen und mit dem Knie festhalten. Danach können die Klebestreifen in der richtigen Höhe am Bauch des Kindes festgeklebt werden. Das verhindert ein Verrutschen und tut beim Abziehen auch nicht weh. Wenn die Windel am Po fixiert ist, kann sie zwischen den Beinen des Kindes durchgeschoben werden. Zur Sicherheit sollte man das Knie am Po lassen, damit die Windel nicht verrutschen kann.

https://youtu.be/UzLkC7ZlrSw mehr


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