Weleda baby Calendula face cream 50ml

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The protective effect of calendula Sensitive baby skin reacts quickly with irritations... more

Weleda Calendula Wiese

The protective effect of calendula

Sensitive baby skin reacts quickly with irritations such as redness or dandruff. Valuable extracts from Bio-Calendula have a soothing and calming effect, while selected plant oils also promote healthy skin development. The mild care of the Calendula care series protects the delicate baby skin and gives it a feeling of security.

Gentle care

For our Calendula baby care we use natural raw materials such as rich vegetable oils and the healthy power of valuable plant extracts. In cooperation with midwives, we have developed these particularly mild products especially for the daily care of baby skin in need of protection.


Only selected ingredients

Weleda Calendula Natural Cosmetics

  • Calendula surrounds the skin with a protective coating, gives it structure and supports its resistance.
  • Chamomile soothes the skin and prevents skin irritations.
  • Cocoa butter contains valuable saturated fatty acids and thus forms a protective film on the skin that prevents it from drying out.
  • Almond oil is well tolerated even by sensitive skin and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Sesame oil contains many skin caring, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.
  • Beeswax is a well-tolerated natural substance that protects the skin.
  • Wool wax protects without impairing skin respiration and is particularly well tolerated because of its similarity to the natural skin fat of humans.
  • Zinc oxide binds moisture and protects the skin from irritating substances.


Weleda Calendula Baby Changing Table Cream Forehead

Description of the

Weleda Calendula Facial Cream is a mild cream specially developed for the face with valuable almond oil that provides extra moisture. Pure beeswax prevents the skin from drying out and a medicinal plant extract from controlled organic calendula soothes the skin. The cream is easy and quick to apply and absorbs well. It also cares for sensitive adult skin gently and naturally.

Füllmenge (Volumen): 50 ml
Products with organic ingredients: yes
age group: from birth
Shipping weight: 0,07 kg
Manufacturer: Weleda
Dimensions HxWxD (approx.): 130x45x30 mm
product group: care cream, protection cream
brand: Weleda
care products: creams
Target group: Adults, Boys, Girls
Manufacturer address: Weleda AG, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Zweigniederlassung der Weleda A.G. Arlesheim/Schweiz, Möhlerstraße 3, 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Manufacturer contact: Weleda AG, D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Founded in 1922, Weleda AG, headquartered in Arlesheim, Switzerland, is a group of companies active in more than 50 countries that develops, produces and sells anthroposophic medicine, dietetics and natural cosmetics.

Identity and values ​​of Weleda
In harmony with man and nature since 1921. Rudolf Steiner founded Weleda together with Ita Wegmann. Since its founding, we have pursued a holistic approach and are a pioneer and the world's leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines. Weleda is an anthroposophically inspired company. Not only because the founder of Weleda, dr. Rudolf Steiner was at the same time the founder of anthroposophy - but because his ideas had a lasting influence on a renewal of healing and biodynamic agriculture. Weleda is a pioneer and today the world's leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines that bring healing, well-being and vitality.

Quality: How raw materials become active ingredients.

High quality, purity and naturalness are equally important for all ingredients used. Almost all our products are composed of several substances. These may be mineral, metallic, vegetable or animal origin. Our claim is to process only the highest quality, no matter what the raw material is.

We believe that a product is more than the sum of its components. 
From the point of view of holistic medicine and natural cosmetics, it is not only important which raw materials are used, but also their origin and further processing.

That's why, for example, we maintain our own medicinal garden. In addition, we promote selected organic crop-growing projects and help to protect habitats in which sustainable and certified wild collections can be carried out. We also check all raw materials, including certified ones, to see if they meet our requirements. This results in products of deep and comprehensive effectiveness.

Support, do not suppress.

Biodynamic medicinal plant cultivation.

Gardeners and farmers have been working very efficiently with nature for centuries. This attentiveness at work is of great importance in agriculture and in biodynamic cultivation.

For the recognition of the at first sight hidden connections and forces of nature leads to a farming, which produces, as in our case, medicinal plants that bring the ability to self-regulation from their own "biography" out.

This can be explained as follows:

Ecosystems function in a similar way to an organism, that is, they regulate themselves. Nature has different mechanisms to maintain balance. For example, using beneficial insects to control so-called pests, such as ladybirds that eat aphids. Such a natural equilibrium means that no single species overreaches.

If certain life-determining factors change too much, for example due to extreme weather or massive human intervention, the organism becomes unbalanced. Under certain circumstances, then it comes to a mass multiplication of pests.

In the biodynamic cultivation of medicinal plants, we try to observe and use these relationships. In our observations of nature, we come to insights that help us to improve the quality of cultivation.

So one could assume that a certain act triggers a certain reaction. However, it is not that simple: how and why living organisms such as medicinal plants respond to changing conditions is difficult to decipher. As a result, the response to our actions sometimes turns out to be very different from what we imagined.

That is why we do not want to influence the system of nature from the outside, for example with chemical pesticides. In order to combat pests in biodynamic farming, we usually change the conditions so that nature itself can help. Medicinal plants growing up in this way have a special quality.

Also, the soil on which the plants thrive, is of great importance. It is not fertilized synthetically, but kept alive by organic fertilization. The composting industry and biodynamic composting and spraying preparations ensure a high fertility of the soil. The goal of careful soil care is not to leach the soil, but to enrich and loosen it.

A healthy soil is finally a prerequisite for healthy growth. In addition, plants can acquire the nutrients they need, and at the same time, help them to develop their vital strength.

In the biodynamic cultivation of medicinal plants, many aspects are taken into account: soil, plant species, beneficials, pests, the climate etc. and how they work together. This consideration of the whole ensures a very own quality of the soil and ultimately of the products. 


Bridge between man and nature.

Careful processing.

Whether distilling, extracting or potentiating: only through the correct processing process, many natural raw materials, which we process for our products, meet the human needs. We draw on our experience in dealing with the healing and nurturing forces from nature.

We process more than 1,000 substances from nature into natural cosmetic products and medicines. These raw materials go through to the end product various processing processes, which are almost as important as the raw materials themselves - only in this way we can enable the highest quality. Pharmaceutical knowledge and experience determine which manufacturing process is most appropriate.

For example, there are heat processes such as the Rh process, which is only used by us: plant juices are heated in turns, rhythmically shaken and cooled. The resulting fermented preparations do not have to be preserved with alcohol and are thus particularly suitable for children.

How important the details of the preparation for the effectiveness, also shows the emergence of a tincture: A calendula tincture is an extract of ingredients from the calendula plant or its individual parts, such as the hand-picked flowers. Under specific conditions and in precisely coordinated processes extractants are used to release the ingredients and powers of the calendula in the best possible quality. Even a variation of the extraction means or the processing process can change the efficiency.

All these processes and processing steps have one thing in common: they build the bridge between man and nature and make accessible to us what has grown in nature. Only then can it be nurturing and healing.

About the production of anthroposophic medicines.

Most people probably think of drug manufacturing as a cooking recipe. A pinch of this ingredient, a spoonful of that, stir vigorously - done. Only on a large scale. However, anthroposophic medicine also takes a holistic approach in the preparation of their remedies. This means that not only the origin, type and quality of the active ingredient play a role, but also its processing. Both must be right for the finished drug to work. We have developed some methods for anthroposophic therapy. For example, our own potentization process, which is based on the classical Hahnemann method. Exponentiation is a central process in anthroposophic medicine.

In practice it looks like this: A mother tincture, let's say the camomile, is mixed in a ratio of 1 to 9 with a medium - water or alcohol. Afterwards, our specially trained staff shake this mixture for two and a half minutes by hand. A concentrated work that requires calm and focus. In turn, one part of the finished potency is mixed with nine parts of the medium and shaken. The more often one performs this process, the higher the potency. We mark the finished mixture with the letter D (for decimal) and a number representing the respective exponentiation. Up to a potency of D23 theoretically the molecules of the mother tincture can be detected in the liquid, moreover, the substance becomes "unpredictable". Albert Einstein defined matter as an energy state. "

The material is therefore no longer present in high potencies. Nevertheless, the essence of the parent substance is present in potency and works. It is activated by the rhythm of the shaking. It is only through this process that we make the substance-dormant spiritual principle available to man as a remedy.

In addition, we apply other special methods to elicit the plants their respective talents. For example, rhythmic processes play a major role in the preparation of Rh-tinctures. For this we move the plant juices for weeks in the morning and in the evening at specified temperatures. In this way, the rhythmic process in addition to the ingredients is part of the principle of action. Rh preparations are often used by anthroposophic physicians to regulate rhythmic processes in the body, or as injections that act directly through the patient's rhythmic system (circulation).


Uncompromisingly good: 
the quality of our raw materials.

We believe that the quality of a raw material is crucial to its effectiveness. Only an absolutely high-quality raw material can develop its whole power. So we take responsibility along the entire process chain - in ecological as well as economic and social matters.

Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy and founder of Weleda, was equally interested in the renewal of healing art and biodynamic agriculture. That is why we are doing everything we can today to protect biodiversity and use resources responsibly. We select our partners for growing projects all over the world very carefully. The fair cooperation with farmers, collectors and cooperatives is particularly important to us. Because they are the ones whose work forms the basis for the highest quality raw materials.

Sesamöl, Mandelöl, Alkohol, Wasser, Fettsäureglyzerid, Wollwachs, Bienenwachs, Auszug... mehr
Inhaltsstoffe Sesamöl, Mandelöl, Alkohol, Wasser, Fettsäureglyzerid, Wollwachs, Bienenwachs, Auszug aus Ringelblumen (Calendula)-Blüten, Xanthan, Mischung natürlicher ätherischer Öle
Tipps Beruhigende Pflege Waschen Sie Ihr Baby am besten mit reinem Wasser bei... mehr


Beruhigende PflegeWeleda_Creme_Baby

Waschen Sie Ihr Baby am besten mit reinem Wasser bei angenehmer Körpertemperatur von rund 37° C oder geben Sie ein parfümfreies, rückfettendes Öl, wie das Weleda Calendula Pflegeöl parfümfrei, ins Wasser. Massieren Sie betroffene Stellen sanft und wickeln sie feuchte Umschläge darum. 

Reizfreie Umgebung

Kleidung aus Bio-Baumwolle, Seide oder Leinen ist angenehm auf der Haut. Trennen Sie die Wäscheetiketten heraus und verwenden Sie parfümfreie Waschmittel. Bei akutem Juckreiz Fingernägel schneiden und über Nacht Baumwollhandschuhe überziehen. Ein Allergietest kann Aufschluss über eventuelle Nahrungsunverträglichkeiten geben. 

Wichtige Auszeiten

Feste Ruhezeiten, ausreichend Schlaf und Rituale im Tagesgeschehen und beim Einschlafen geben Sicherheit und beruhigen. Gehen Sie mit Ihrem Baby regelmäßig an die frische Luft und lüften Sie die Räume, in denen sich Ihr Baby aufhält, mehrmals täglich. Nehmen Sie sich Auszeiten, denn den Stress den Sie haben, spürt auch das Baby. Sind Sie entspannt, kann es sich auch erholen.


„Gerade hochsensible Haut braucht eine besonders milde Pflege und wenige, aber hochwertige und natürliche Inhaltsstoffe.“


Nicht nur für zarte Babyhaut

Auch bei Erwachsenen beliebt

Auch Erwachsene mit sensibler oder neurodermitischer Haut schätzen die pflegende und beruhigende Wirkung der Weiße Malve Babypflege Produkte. Gerade die Weiße Malve Pflegelotion beruhigt und schenkt der Haut wertvolle Feuchtigkeit. Sie mildert Hautirritationen und harmonisiert.

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