Niederegger Advent calendar marzipan stick blue, 300g

Niederegger Advent calendar marzipan stick blue, 300g
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Niederegger Advent calendar marzipan classic variations 300g The classic variations... more

Niederegger Advent calendar marzipan classic variations 300g

The classic variations calendar shows a new Christmas custom every day and enchants with glittering graphics.

The Niederegger Advent calendar "Classic Variations" brings a large portion of variety home for Christmas. The innovative Advent calendar is presented in an unusual format with its size of approx. 9×57 cm and convinces with 24 fine marzipan pralines in 6 different varieties of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, pistachio, espresso, orange and pineapple. Start the Advent season every day with one of the specialities and enjoy the Christmas texts hidden behind the chocolates.


Glasses of white wine

Marzipan and wine

First, an unusual combination, you'll think. But wine and marzipan have a lot in common. Just think of the centuries-old tradition that unites wine and marzipan and the complexity of its production. For both products, quality depends largely on the quality of the raw materials. As soon as you get involved in this taste experience, you will realize that the mild acidity of the wine harmonizes wonderfully with the sweetness of our marzipan. This is a pleasure for all senses. The warm colours of wine & marzipan, the fine scent of grapes & almonds and as a highlight the harmonious taste combination.

The history of marzipan

Marzipan, this delightful delicacy, originally comes from the Orient. Where almonds and sugar have their home, that is where our marzipan was invented. The Persian doctor Rhazes, who lived from 850 to 923, wrote a book in which he praised the mixture of almonds and sugar as a remedy.

Orient 3

Filling quantity (weight): 300g
Sweets for adults and kids: advent Calendar, chocolate, marzipan, seasonal items
Gifts: Ja
country of origin: EU / non-EU Agriculture
Shipping weight: ##deletevalue##
Manufacturer: ##deletevalue##
Made in: EU (Germany)
product group: advent Calendar, chocolate
brand: Niederegger

Manufacturer contact: Niederegger JG GmbH & Co. KG, Zeissstrasse 1-7, 23560 Lübeck

JG Niederegger GmbH & Co. KG is one of the best-known manufacturers of Lübeck marzipan, as well as other confectionery products.

The marzipan from Niederegger consists of 100% raw material. According to the company, up to 30,000 kg of marzipan are produced daily. The product range includes 300 specialties such as marzipan and nougat, as well as chocolates, truffles, tree cakes, stollen and pastries. In addition, special designs are carried out as desired. The products are shipped to more than 40 countries worldwide. Important foreign markets are England, Scandinavia, Russia, USA and Canada. More than half of the turnover is generated in the Christmas business.

Niederegger - synonym for the best marzipan

Niederegger stands for tradition, outstanding craftsmanship and highest enjoyment.

Marzipan for love. Since 1806.

Niederegger almonds

Differences in marzipan quality

"Take almonds, sugar and rose water ..." is the simple, classic recipe for marzipan. Decisive for the unique quality of the Niederegger products is, in addition to the quality of the raw materials and the traditional roasting process, the right mix of almonds and sugar.

Basically, the higher the almond content, the higher the quality of the marzipan. So the raw mass must consist of at least 65% almonds and must contain no more than 35% sugar. Further sugar may be added in the further processing, which is basically dispensed with by Niederegger.

    consists of 100% finest marzipan raw material.
    is composed of 90% marzipan raw material and an additional 10% sugar.
    contains only 70% marzipan raw material and is processed with an additional sugar content of 30%.
    is made from 50% raw material and another 50% sugar.

The aromatic almonds

The almond tree with its Latin name Prunus dulcis is one of the rose plants and is therefore closely related to cherry, peach, apricot and rose. For around 4000 years, the frost-sensitive tree has been cultivated. The almonds thrive particularly well in a warm climate and are grown, for example, in southern Spain in the region around Alicante.

Aromatic almonds from southern regions are the most important raw material for the high quality Niederegger marzipan. Between January and February is the time of the almond blossom. The wide groves show up in their brilliant white and pink splendor. The managing proprietors of the Niederegger family business, the Strait family, are personally convinced by the abundance of flowers these days.

From March, nothing is to be seen of the blossoms of almond trees. The harvest takes place from beginning to middle of September. The edible almond kernel is surrounded by a protective, hard shell. From this, the almonds are harvested in the harvest areas, selected and packaged for transport.

In Lübeck, once again, the quality of each individual delivery is checked by an independent laboratory before the almonds are released for production.

Niederegger almond trees
Niederegger recipe

The original recipe

Decisive for the unique quality of the Niederegger products are, in addition to the quality of the raw materials, the correct mixing ratio of the ingredients as well as the traditional roasting process. Everything else is a closely guarded family secret that has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years.

Niederegger attaches great importance to traditional craftsmanship. The almonds are blanched in a hot water bath to quickly and thoroughly rid them of their brown skin. Subsequently, a machine and additionally a manual sorting done, so that in the end only the very best almonds are processed. In large drums they are washed again before they are mixed with the sugar. Rolls grind the almonds and the sugar, taking care that the structure of the almond is preserved and still on the tongue is noticeable.

Then the roasting of the raw mass begins under the eyes of an experienced roasting master. For this purpose, the mass is placed in rotating vessels and heated evenly over an open flame. The result is fine roasted aromas and the almonds and sugar combine to form an aromatic savory raw material. After cooling off with cold air and a rest phase, the Niederegger secret is added. Only now is the marzipan ready and can be processed into one of more than 300 different products.


Nutrition information ingredients   Average... mehr
Nutritional values ingredients

Nutrition information



Average nutritional valuesper 100g
Energize: 493 kcal / 2070 KJ
Fat: 31,7g
thereof saturated fatty acids: 8,3g
Carbs: 40,4g
of which sugar: 37,9g
Protein: 9,3g
Salt: 0,04g
* Reference quantity for an average adult

The analytical values are subject to the usual fluctuations in products made from natural products.


almonds 37 %, dark chocolate 24 % (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: SOYA-LECITHINE, vanilla extract), sugar, whole milk chocolate 4,7 %(sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: SOJA-LECITHINE, vanilla extract), Invert sugar syrup, PISTAZIENE, alcohol, pineapple, orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, soluble coffee, fruit powder orange (maltodextrin, orange, natural flavouring), fruit powder pineapple (pineapple, maltodextrin), spirit drink (arrack), natural pineapple flavouring, glucose syrup, acidulant: citric acid

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